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‘Issues Facing My Community’ topic of leadership projects

Published on Apr 21, 2017

SSS_leadershipThe Student Support Services GEN 140 Development of Leadership class presented end-of-year projects at Ashland Community and Technical College on April 14. The course requires a semester-long group project focusing on issues facing college students. This year’s topic was “Issues Facing My Community.”

“Each student had to propose a topic, then we grouped them together based on similarity of topic, and then they had to develop their research and presentations over many weeks,” said Megan Horne, SSS director. “By the time they did their final presentations, they had already practiced their presentations three to four times in our class.”

Presentations were “Going Green: Preserving Your Environment” by Julian Thigpen, Chris Daniels and Jacquelyn Ahern; “Domestic Violence: Footprints by Kelly Chapman, Jessica Brown and Staci Harris; “Why Are People Leaving Ashland? – Emily Sturgill, Justina Spurlock, Stephanie Banner and Timothy Millhouse; “All Kids, All Successful, All the Time” by Annie Huff, Ashley Robinson, Lakrishia Gilliam and Leslie Knipp; and “Changing the Face of Social Welfare” by Bradley Blackburn, Susan Blair, Nelson Benitez and Gina Rice.

“Outside of learning more about their topic, they had to learn how to work together over an extended period of time toward a shared, common goal,” Horne said. “I think the students did a remarkable job. I am very proud of the endurance of their efforts and the passion they exhibited for their topics. Jobs well done by all the groups.”