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Health Science Technology Program Leads to Health Careers

Health care is a popular career area for students entering Ashland Community and Technical College, and the Health Science Technology Program can help them prepare for entry-level careers in healthcare fields and health-related services.

Some students want to be in health care but are unsure about their choice of a particular health care field. Health Science Technology will give them a background that can be used in a variety of fields.

Other new students are considering a selective admission program such as nursing. Health Science Technology will give them courses that can help them qualify for selective admissions while giving them courses for an Associate Degree should they change their minds about a particular program.

The Associate in Applied Science Degree program is designed to give students marketable skills for direct care services as well as a foundation in current health care delivery systems. The program combines technical health core courses with general education courses.

Technical core courses in medical terminology, nursing assistant skills, phlebotomy, first aid and emergency care, pharmacy and pharmacology provide a background in health care knowledge and skills that can translate into many health care fields.

General education courses in writing, math, science, social science and heritage/humanities provide a broad range of knowledge expected of a college graduate. These classes are required for nearly every associate and bachelor degree.

Many of the general education and technical core courses are required for completion of professional health programs such as medical assisting, nursing, physical therapy assistant, radiography, respiratory care and surgical technology.

The Health Science Technology Program can help provide a smooth transition to an Allied Health program or help students prepare for application into a selective admission nursing or other health care program.

For more information on starting the program this fall, contact Professor Dan Bailey, Health Science Program advisor, at 606-326-2028 or email:

August 8 is the application deadline for fall semester courses, and classes start August 15. Admission forms and class schedules are online at: