Free Workshop for First Lego League Coaches | ACTC

Free Workshop for First Lego League Coaches

ACTC will hold a free training lab for FIRST LEGO League team coaches and assistants on Saturday, Sept. 7, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Roberts Drive Campus.

Several new teams are being formed in the FIVCO area through help from a Challenge Grant established through the ACTC Foundation. Chris Boggs, Associate Professor of Computers and Information Technology, will share information on planning and completing LEGO team projects.

The 2013 First Lego Challenge Project for 2013 is Natures Fury. The project was announced August 27, and information on the challenge to help master natural disasters is online at:

ACTC will host a FIRST LEGO League Regional tournament December 7 at the Technology Drive Campus. The Tournament for the FIVCO area of Kentucky will be the only Regional Tournament site in northeastern Kentucky.

Coaches of established teams are also welcome to attend the lab. For more information, contact Boggs at 606-326-2482 or email: