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Fall Online Courses Still Open

Dozens of ACTCs online classes still have openings for fall semester. Online classes benefit students who cannot attend classes on campus due to scheduling conflicts, childcare, work or other commitments. For motivated students, online courses make college accessible and flexible.

Online courses require a computer with Internet access, an e-mail account and a certain amount of computer savvy. Communication with faculty and other students is via e-mail or discussion groups, and assignments are submitted by attachments. One or two trips to campus for testing may be required.

Some of the classes listed below are also offered on campus. A complete fall class schedule is on the web at ashland.kctcs.eduunder academics.

Business classes are Financial Accounting, Intro to Business, Principles of Management, Supervisory Management, Personal/Organizational Leadership, Real Estate Principles I and Real Estate Law.

Computer classes are Introduction to Computers, Computer Hardware and Software, Computational Thinking, Productivity Software, Internet Technologies, Web Page Development, Intro to Networking Concepts, Home and Small Office Networks, Small-Medium Business or ISP, MS Client/Server Configuration, Server Infrastructure Administration.

Criminal Justice classes are Intro to Criminal Justice, Principles of Asset Protection, Criminal Investigations, Delinquency/Juvenile Justice System, Physical Security Tech amp; Systems, Intro to Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Intro to Comp Forensics, Criminal Courtroom Procedures, Legal Aspects of Corrections and Terrorism amp; Political Violence.

Education classes are Teaching Exceptional Learners, Intro to American Education and Elementary School Literature.

English/communication courses are Intro to Communications, Intro to Interpersonal Communications, Foundations of College Writing II, Writing I and Writing II.

Humanities courses are Cultural Diversity in the Modern World, Intro to the Humanities, History of Europe to Mid-17th Century and Renaissance through Modern Art History.

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education courses are Foundations of Early Childhood Education, Approaches to Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Administration of Early Childhood Education and Health, Safety and Nutrition.

Quantitative reasoning courses are Pre-Algebra, Basic Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Contemporary College Math, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics: A Force Human Judgment.

Social and Behavioral Science classes are American Government, Contemporary Economic Issues, World Politics, General Psychology, Lands and Peoples of the Non-West World, Modern Social Problems, Inequality in Society and Mass Media and Mass Culture.

Other classes include Medical Terminology and Fire Officer III.

Admission and registration steps are the same for online and on-campus classes. See the web at: ashland.kctcs.edu. August 5 is the application deadline, and classes start August 19.