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Fall Humanities Courses Offer Enriching Experiences

If you are looking for a creative outlet this fall, Ashland Community and Technical College offers courses that explore humanitys cultural and creative expressions. These elective courses provide a board view of the human experience, and many can be used to satisfy general education requirements for degrees and diplomas.

Intro to Art (ART 100) is an overview of the visual arts primarily designed for non-art majors. Painting I (ART 220) and Painting II (ART 221) provide hands-on learning of color theory, materials, paint application, and image making. Drawing I (ART 110) and Drawing II (ART 210) cover basic skills and concepts including line, value, space and composition.

Appalachian Studies I (HUM 202) is an inter-disciplinary introduction to Appalachian history, economy, geography, politics and culture.

Intro to Music (MUS 100) develops an awareness and understanding of musical styles from the Middle Ages to the present and is designed for non-music majors.

Creative Writing: Playwriting (ENG 207) is offered both online and on campus and involves experience in writing monologues and short plays. The best writings will be presented in ACTCs Festival of One-Act Plays next spring.

Intro to Theatre: Principles and Practice (THA 101) explores the processes and products of theatre. Acting I (THA 126) introduces acting fundamentals and Acting Techniques (THA 127) works on physical techniques for stage productions.

Survey of American Literature (ENG 251) covers significant writings from the Colonial era through the Civil War.

The Old Testament as Literature (ENG 270) is an online class that examines historical backgrounds while looking at literary forms and techniques.

Intro to Philosophy (PHI 100) introduces philosophical studies with emphasis on issues of knowing, reality and meaning related to human existence.

Cultural Diversity in the Modern World (ANT 160 online) introduces the diversity of human cultural experience in the contemporary world.

History of the British People to the Restoration (HIS 202) includes the Norman Conquest, the Plantagenet and Tudor courts, Protestant Reformation and Puritan Revolution that impacted the development of our Western societies. This course is filled with kings, ladies, knights and court gossip along with social and political events that changed the world.

Native American History: Pre-Contact to 1865 (HIS 220) explores early Native American culture and society as well as later struggles with European settlers from pre-colonial times to 1865.

Other History courses focus on social, economic, cultural, and political developments that provided a foundation for todays society. Fall choices are History of the US through 1865 (HIS 108), History of the US since 1865 (HIS 109), History of Kentucky (HIS 240), and History of Europe to the Mid-17th Century (HIS 104).

To take these classes, new students must apply by August 1. Area residents who would like to take the class for personal enrichment can apply as non-degree seeking students. Applications are on the web at ashland.kctcs.edu and can be submitted electronically. Classes start August 15, and current students can get registration information from their advisor or the Advising Center at 606.326.2400.