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Enroll Now for Spring Bi-term Classes

ACTC spring bi-term courses start March 13, and March 3 is the application deadline. Bi-term classes allow students to start college this spring without waiting for summer or fall courses.

Bi-term classes are eight-weeks long, half the length of traditional semester classes. They have the same content as semester-long classes, but cover the content in a shorter time.

Bi-term class information is online at: ashland.kctcs.edu/bi-term[BROKEN LINK]. Admissions forms and information are online at:ashland.kctcs.edu/admissions[BROKEN LINK]

New students enrolling only in the bi-term session may be eligible for financial aid. To apply for financial aid, complete the 2013-14 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.gov. For more information, call 855.246.2282.

Current students can take extra classes in order to complete their programs more quickly, but they are not eligible to receive additional financial aid for bi-term classes added to their schedules.

For more information on Admissions, call the Admissions Office 606.326.2000.