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College Camp Offers Variety for Ages 6-13

College Camp at Ashland Community and Technical College will be held June 24 to 28 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Roberts Drive Campus.

Camps offers afternoon classes in exciting subjects not offered during the regular school year. These classes are designed for age groups six to seven, eight to nine, ten to eleven and twelve to thirteen. Each one-hour class includes activities to stimulate creativity while building personal and academic skills

Students may take from one to four classes, and each class is $35. Enrollment is through ACTC Community Education, 606-326-2072 or 800-928-4256 ext. 62072, email:

This years classes are listed below by age group.

Classes for All Ages

Acting Up - In this class you'll play fun games with body positions and vocals, explore your imagination by creating stories with others, and learn pantomime skills in which your body is an instrument of communication.

Bullying - Why does anyone bully another person? Youll find out about causes and solutions to bullying, how you can help one another and how to feel better about yourself as you learn to handle difficult situations.

Diving Into Cursive - Cursive handwriting is becoming a thing of the past. Before we know it, it will be considered a form of art! In this class you will swim through the entire upper and lower case alphabet, as you learn to use the proper slanting techniques, posture, and pencil position.

Grossology - Learn about the biology of all sorts of gross things with a different activity each day. The class is based on Sylvia Branzais popular books, with all sorts of disgusting topics to explore.

Lights, Camera, Drama - See what its like to be on stage as you learn the basic aspects of drama and Theatre through theatrical warm-up and activities, small skits and other games.

Mad Scientist - Come and become a Mad Scientist for a week. Youll create experiments that allow you to think like a scientist while you create different products during class.

Recycled Sculpting - Recycling and Art is a good combination. You will use recycled water bottles to create a huge 3D sculpture that will be displayed on the Roberts Drive Campus. Youll also learn about 3D sculpture artist Dale Chuhuly.

Special Effects Make-Up - Learn different make up techniques ranging from bruise creation to fantasy makeup to horror make up along with creating burns, scars, edible fake blood. Youll learn easy application techniques using makeup and other items that can be found at local shops.

Classes for Ages 10-13

Clothing Creating - Learn how to create trendy looks as you use sewing techniques to repurpose clothing into new styles and create fun accessories. For example, you can create fringes, cut shirts into various shapes and recreate T-shirts with new designs.

French la Mode - Explore the culture of France as you learn French words for colors and animals, some basic phrases and French holidays.

Lego Robotics - In this class, you will learn fundamentals of computer programming, along with the basics of Lego Robotics and the NXT system. Youll program a Sentry and Edge-Detecting Robot and you can create and test your own robot program.

Make Your Own App - We live in a world of apps! Learn how to build Android apps using MITs App Inventory. In class, three Apps will be built Hello Purr, Magic 8 Ball, and Pong and then tested on an Android Emulator. You will learn the basics of app development, including use of emulators and the basics of event-driven programming.

Website Building - Have you ever thought about building your own website? In this class, you will be introduced to web development by learning the basics of HTML and CSS. By the end of the week you will have built your very own Web Page!

Classes for Ages 8-13

Crafty Crochet! - Students will learn a timeless skill in a fun and exciting atmosphere. The basic skills, terms, and techniques will help them create a variety of scarves, bags and other accessories.

Drawing 101 - Become an artist as you practice various ways to draw scenes, landscapes, and pictures from your imagination. You'll learn about perspective, shading, and how to sketch, create and draw story boards. By the end of class, you will have created some original pieces of art.

Sew Fun - Its never too early to learn sewing basics that will come in handy throughout your life. You will learn several basic sewing stitches and how to sew on buttons. Then you'll make a crazy, plush monster pillow for you or a friend!

Tie Dye amp; Batik - Learn how to make wearable and displayable fabric art with dye and resist techniques! Your projects will include some color and fiber crafts and a blue batiked and dyed T-shirt.

Classes for Ages 10-11

Let Me Tell You My Story - Bring your writing skills to life by describing the scene with descriptive words that use all five senses to tell your story. You will choose an event or important part of your life and write a story that you can tell in class or in competition such as the Kentucky Storytelling Associations Youth Storytelling.

Mini Diva - Young ladies will learn how to dress and act like a Diva. Throughout the week the students will make Diva attire. At the end of the week, they will present their new found confidence to an audience.

Storytelling - Storytelling is an art. It can be used for entertainment, as a way to pass history down through generations and as a tool to get the point across about a difficult subject. Learn how to tell a story with action words and vivid descriptions as you become comfortable with public speaking.

Classes for Ages 6-9

Fairy Princesses - Girls will learn how to dress and act like a little princess. Throughout the week they will make their own princess outfit. At the end of the week they will present their new found confidence and attire to an audience.

Lets Paint - Learn painting foundations and crafting as you finger paint, create sculptures and use items from home to create mosaics. Students should wear an old t-shirt or smock to protect clothing.