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College Camp Builds Skills

College Camp at Ashland Community and Technical College will be held June 25 to 29 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Roberts Drive Campus.

Camps offers afternoon classes in exciting subjects not offered during the regular school year, ranging from art to Spanish and from science to science fiction,. The classes are designed for four age groups - six to seven, eight to nine, ten to eleven and twelve to thirteen. Each one-hour class includes activities to stimulate creativity while building personal and academic skills

Students may take from one to four classes, and each class is $35. Enrollment is through ACTC Lifelong Learning, 606-326-2072 or 800-928-4256 ext. 62072, email:

This years classes are listed below by age group.

Classes for Ages 6-9

Diving Into Cursive: Cursive handwriting is becoming a thing of the past, and sometime in the future, it will be considered a form of art. Students will swim through the entire upper and lower case alphabet as they learn the proper slanting techniques, posture and pencil position.

Sun amp; Slime: The sun does more than just warm and light up the planet, and students will complete fun projects each day as they learn about the properties of the sun.

Rainy Day Arts amp; Crafts: What can you do when the weather is bad? Students will learn to bubble paint, make a bird feeder, make stained glass pictures and create other arts and crafts projects using items easily found at home.

Science! Do you know how to make diet soda explode? Ever put a hard-boiled egg into a small bottle? Students will learn about science and the scientific method by doing safe, fun, and simple experiments in this hands-on class.

Classes for Ages 6-11

Grossology: Student will learn about the biology of all sorts of gross things mini lectures each session and a hands-on science activity. The class is based on Sylvia Branzais popular books, with a different disgusting topic each day.

Classes for Ages 6-13

Acting Up: Discover the basics of acting with both body and voice. Students will be introduced to techniques of storytelling through character creation and will practice facial, body and vocal techniques.

Building Bridges: Test your ability to construct strong, stable, and reproducible bridges from common materials. This class will help students develop concentration, cooperation and a spirit of teamwork as they work together to create engineering marvels.

Green Art: Have you ever heard the saying One mans trash is another mans treasure? In this class, students will turn trash into art by creating crafts from recyclable materials.

Horsing Around: This course will teach the basic care and responsibilities of having a horse, including grooming, feeding and the tack (equipment) you will need.

Let Me Tell You a Story: Students will learn about proper story formats punctuation and grammar as they write descriptive stories on various topics, including an autobiography.

Look What I Made: Students will learn the foundations of painting and crafting as they finger paint, create sculptures and use items from home to create mosaics. Students should wear an old t-shirt or smock to protect clothing.

Spanish Ole: Students will learn Spanish words and phrases, sing songs, play games and enjoy a piƱata celebration on the final day of class.

Stage Makeup: Learn how to use makeup to enhance your face for stage lights and create different effects such as swollen lips, or sunken eyes. There will be Fantasy Day, Super Hero Day, Disaster Drill (this can include fake blood), and a Character Map, using imagination to build a character from a famous play, story, or children's tale.

That High Lonesome Sound: Kentucky has a rich musical heritage shaped by our culture and traditions. Students will learn about ideas, persons, trends, musical styles and events in the development of traditional Appalachian music. Topics include early balladry, instruments, dance forms, and styles such as Old-time, Bluegrass and Country genres.

Class for Ages 8-9

Experiment Einsteins: In this hand-on class focused on physical and biological sciences, students will experiment with matter, motion and position, the basic needs of organisms, light reflection and change of position by creating green haired friends, a kaleidoscope, gack goop, optical illusions and balancing butterflies.

Classes for Ages 8-11

Whats So Great about Britain? Do you know what's in a shepherds pie, what a dustman is or what life is like with a king or queen? Students will learn those things and more about life in England, including slang, music, famous people, food and daily life.

Classes for Ages 8-13

Sew Fun: Its never too early to learn sewing basics. Students will learn several hand sewing stitches and how to sew on buttons. Then they will use their sewing skills to make a crazy and plush monster pillow.

The Math of Art: This class will form a connection between geometry and art as students construct a tessellation pattern, using compass and straight edge, and then add color to the pattern.

The Truth about Science Fiction: Science fiction is not just about aliens, spaceships and robots. Students will learn the many faces of science fiction and get to write their own sci-fi stories, using ideas ranging from creating an alien race to designing futuristic landscapes.

Whose Line is it Anyway? This improvisation act hits center stage as students learn about impromptu theatre. Students will use their ingenuity and creativity to improvise theatre skits, building respect and developing teamwork along the way.

Classes for Ages 10-13

Chemistry Alive: Chemistry is all around you, and you interact with it daily. This class will use common materials to demonstrate chemical effects. Students will learn how to change solids to gas, turn a nail into a magnet, make a battery from fruits and vegetables and make smoke rings with dry ice.

Craving The Hunger Game: In this open forum class, students will gain a better appreciation of the Hunger Games trilogy as an entry into the science fiction genre and life lessons it teaches through its characters.

Fantastic Voyages: Take a week-long voyage through famous fantasy novels about Harry Potter, Narnia and more. Students will get a basic overview of fantastic stories, discuss their interpretations through poetry and creative writing, and make related crafts.

Lets Talk Twilight: Team Edward and Team Jacob unite! Students will participate in entertaining, energetic discussions about vampires and werewolf legends, fantasy, and real-life lessons that can be learned from Meyers books.

Potter Maniacs: Welcome to Hogwarts. This class will bring the books and movies to life as students learn potions, defense against the dark arts, and charms. Students will be separated into houses and be on their best behavior as they participate in lessons to win points for their house.

So You Want to be a Magician: Students will learn the basics of magic using misdirection and emotion and will learn card tricks, coin tricks and other magic tricks that will surprise and impress their friends.

Young Philosophers Club: In this class, young philosophers will read classic childrens books and use each as a lens to discuss philosophical issues. Students will read one or two short books each day, and parents and students will be asked to read The Little Prince at home to prepare for Parents Day class on the last day of class.