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Camp Invention Offers Summer Enrichment

Plan now to give your children an exciting summer camp experience. Camp Invention, an enrichment program for children entering first through sixth grades, will be held June 20 to 24 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the ACTC College Drive Campus.

Camp Invention presents a nationally acclaimed program of activities, led by local educators, that encourage children to create and discover the fun of science. The Camp is a partnership between ACTC Lifelong Learning and Invent Now, a non-profit organization that encourages innovation and the creative spirit.

The Spark Program is featured at Camp Invention this year. Each day at camp, the students will participate in five class modules that challenge their imagination.

In W!LD: Wondrous Innovations and Living Designs, students explore of worlds most inventive and innovative animals.

In the The Curious Cypher Club, students solve a series of coded messages as they work together to build a clubhouse.

In Bounce! An Atomic Journey, students investigate the science of atoms and molecules by experimenting with bouncy balls.

In Game On: Power Play, students devise nontraditional equipment (such as water balloons) to play classic games.

In the I Can Invent: Edisons Workshop module, students create new machines from discarded materials and broken appliances.

The fee is $210, and registration is online at For more information, contact Karen Coburn, Lifelong Learning Coordinator, 606-326-2129 or email: