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Adults Learn Skills to Get Ahead

There is a place for adults who want to increase their job skills, get ready for college or prepare for the GED. Its the Adult Education Center[BROKEN LINK] at ACTCs Roberts Drive Campus.

On February 13, the Center will begin a new series of five week classes in basic academic skills for reading, math and language enrichment/writing.

Classes meet on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half each day. Evening classes are available on Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Online/distance learning classes are also available..

English as a Second Language classes are also offered at the Center. Students learn English as it relates to daily living in the culture of the United States for a job, education, community activities or preparing for the USCIS Citizenship test.

For people who are unsure about their job field, the Center offers CATS classes (Career Advising and Transitional Services) that explore career and education choices and provide help in applying for college, the GED or a job.

All classes and services are provided free to area residents through funding by Kentucky Adult Education, Council on Postsecondary Education, through ACTC.

Preregistration is required, and participants get a free assessment of their skills before signing up for classes, labs or online programs. To make an appointment for as assessment, call 606-326-2457

For more information on Adult Education, visit the web at under Workforce Solutions or the Facebook site at: