ACTC Will Become Tobacco Free August 1 | ACTC

ACTC Will Become Tobacco Free August 1

Committed to fostering wellness and a healthy environment, Ashland Community and Technical College will officially became a tobacco-free campus on August 1, 2011

The idea of a tobacco free campus was first proposed by the Student Government Association in 2009 and was discussed by student, faculty and staff groups during the past year. The College Council, representing all groups at the college, voted on May 27, 2011 to adopt the policy.

The tobacco free, smoke free policy bans the use of all tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and snuff, on any campus property, inside and outside.

When announcing the initiative, Dr. Gregory D. Adkins, ACTC President and CEO, said: I believe this policy will promote the health and well-being of our entire campus community. The idea of a tobacco-free campus has been thoroughly debated by all groups who will be impacted by the policy, and we have reached a consensus that we believe will have a positive effect on all who use our campuses.

"I am impressed with the leadership of President Adkins and the hard work of the students, faculty and staff at ACTC in preparing for their campuses to be tobacco-free, said Dr. Ty Patterson, Co-Director, National Center for Tobacco Policy.

In working with hundreds of higher education institutions across the US on such policies, those with the commitment from the top, and genuine support across the organization, are most successful, Dr. Patterson said. I have no doubt Ashland will succeed in changing the campus culture to embrace the policy out of respect for others and their environment."

ACTC has added a Tobacco-Free Campus page to its Web site, with additional information about the policy, including resources for those wishing to stop using tobacco. The policy is in its initial phase of implementation and will be refined, along with this site, throughout the coming year.

Implementation will include new No Tobacco signage at the campuses at College Drive, Roberts Drive and Technology Drive, and paper and email notices to employees and students. Cards announcing the new policy will be handed out to students and visitors at the beginning of each semester. On August 1 and thereafter, anyone using tobacco on campus will be informed of the new policy and asked to stop or leave the campus.

According to the National Center for Tobacco Policy, some 300 colleges and universities in the nation are completely tobacco free. More than 200 other higher education institutions are smoke free, and many more are considering limitations on tobacco use on campus.