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ACTC Students Have Many Transfer Options

Ashland Community and Technical College students can prepare for transfer into more than 100 bachelor degree programs offered by four-year colleges and universities throughout the region.

ACTC general education courses can be transferred as blocks of related courses, such as science or social science, to every public college and university in Kentucky. They may also be transferred as individual courses to private and out-of-state institutions.

When general education and major courses are combined into an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree, all degree courses may often be transferred so that students start as juniors at their selected college or university.

Heather Miller a Raceland native and Boyd County resident, is attending ACTC for an AA Degree to transfer to Morehead State University for a Bachelors Degree in Art with Teacher Certification.

Kayla M. Bond, a Wurtland resident and Greenup County High School graduate, is working on an AA degree to transfer for a bachelors degree in business or human resources. She is unsure about her transfer university but knows that her ACTC credits will be accepted anywhere she wishes to attend.

Gregory T. McFarlin, an Ashland resident and Boyd County High School graduate, completed an AS Degree for transfer to Eastern Kentucky University for an online Bachelors Degree in Occupational Safety.

Tawna L. Freeman, an Ashland resident and Chesapeake High School graduate, is working on both AA and AS degrees with the goal of transferring for a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education.

The AA degree is best suited for students whose major area is in the liberal arts, social sciences or pre-professional programs such as education, law and theology. The AS degree is designed for students in natural and biological science, engineering, mathematics or pre-professional health fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary.

ACTC also offers a pre-engineering curriculum for students seeking transfer in electrical, chemical, civil and other engineering fields.

Students can design an AA or AS program, with adviser assistance, for transfer to a specific college or university. The AA or AS degree can also help students seek employment in their fields while they work on a bachelors degree.

Another choice for students who know their field and their preferred transfer institution is to select a transfer agreement that list all courses to take in that field. ACTC has transfer agreements in specific fields with Morehead State University, Marshall University, Shawnee State University, Ohio Valley University and Kentucky Christian University.

ACTC students are also eligible for statewide KCTCS transfer agreements with Eastern Kentucky University, University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Kentucky State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University and many private colleges and universities.

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