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ACTC Offers Programs Leading to Top US Jobs

Heath care and technology continue to lead the way in the U.S. News amp; World Report list of 2015's best jobs. Job rankings were based on salary, future growth, job prospects, employment rate, job security, stress level and work-life balance.

ACTC offers a path to those good jobs.

In health care fields, students can get ready for immediate employment as a nurse, licensed practical nurse, surgical technologist, paramedic, respiratory therapist, pharmacy technician, EMT or medical records. Students who want to go into other health care fields such as dentist, nurse practitioner, physician, pharmacist, physician assistant, dental hygienist, physical therapist and sonographer can complete general education courses for transfer to other colleges and universities.

At ACTC, students can also start on the computer and engineering technology fields that were highly rated by U.S. News amp; World Report.

ACTCs Computers and Information Technology Program offers four on-line associate degree tracks - Network Administration, Applications, Information Security and Internet Technologies. For students who want to go on for Bachelors Degrees, ACTC has a 2+2 transfer agreement with Western Kentucky University. Students can also transfer their classes to other universities and four-year colleges.

The pre-engineering curriculum at ACTC leads to an associate degree that can be transferred into engineering programs at Marshall University, University of Kentucky, Ohio University, Morehead State University, Shawnee State University and others. The curriculum is designed for chemical, civil and mechanical engineering majors, but the courses are compatible with other engineering programs.

Several business fields in marketing, accounting, bookkeeping and management were listed in the top 20 fields. ACTCs Business Management Program offers 11 certificates, two diplomas and an associate in applied science degree. The students can select 2+2 transfer agreements leading to a bachelors degree in several different business fields at Marshall, Morehead State and Shawnee State.

Other good jobs that students can prepare for at ACTC include construction manager, medical secretary, maintenance and repair worker, hair dresser, patrol officer, security guard, auto mechanic and sheet metal worker. Students can start at ACTC and transfer for Bachelors Degrees in social work and preschool through high school education.

A complete list of ACTC program options is on the web at, and December 29 is the last day to apply for spring classes. For the complete list of Top 100 Jobs, go to: money.usnews.comunder Careers.