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ACTC Hosts Regional SkillsUSA Competitions

Students from six area high schools participated in the annual SkillsUSA Kentucky Northeast Region-District 10 competitions held March 1 at Ashland Community and Technical College.

The 154 contestants came from ACTC, Boyd County High School Career and Technical Center (Boyd CTC), Carter County High School Career and Technical Center (Carter CTC), Elliott County High School; Greenup County High School Area Technical Center (Greenup ACT), Lawrence County High School and Russell High School Area Technical Center (Russell ATC).

The Competitions give students the opportunity to show their technical skills and see what other students are doing, said Shawn Parsons, drafting instructor and skills advisor for Russell ATC. SkillsUSA also helps students develop leadership and social skills that will help them in lie as well as in the workplace.

Russell ATC includes students from Russell, Raceland-Worthington and Fairview High Schools.

For Amber Conley, a Russell senior who won first place in the Open Job Skills competition, the annual competitions are a fun challenge. She has participated in the previous two years and has won Second and Third place at the state level. SkillsUSA is a chance to develop my public speaking skills as well as show job skills, she said.

For Russell senior Andy Strehle, SkillsUSA is a way to demonstrate skills and learn what others are doing in the field while building his resume. Learning what other students are doing also appeals to Ryan Yearout, a home schooled tenth grader who likes to compete and enjoys meeting new people.

Skills USA Kentucky is a chapter of the national organization that serves industrial, trade and technical students in area technology centers, public high school and career and technical centers. Annual competitions focus on leadership and technical skills. The regional competition at ACTC included 32 contests, and the contest winners are listed below.

ACTC Contest Winners

Six ACTC students won awards in the SkillsUSA Postsecondary Contest and will compete in the State Skills USA contest in April. The students are listed below with their city of residence.

Auto Service Technology: First - Steven D. Meachem, Ashland; Second - Carl Hudson, J. Russell; Third - Steven M. Porter, Ashland.

Diesel Technology: First - Corey R. Angell, Crown City, OH; Second - Chuck (Ryan) Jackson, Louisa; Third - Christopher W. Savage, Garrison.

Secondary Leadership Contests

Debate: First - Elijah Green and Josh Gilbert, Carter CTC.

Entrepreneurship: First Carter CTC team of Kristen Brown and Jessica Davis, Rebecca Tomlin and Kaitlyn Burnett .

Job Interview, all from Elliott County High School: First -Josh Caudill, Second - Devon Stafford, Third - Daniel Skaggs.

Job Skills Demonstration (A): First - Brianna Claxon, Greenup ATC.

Job Skills Demonstration (O), all From Russell ATC: First - Amber Conley, Second - Clark Muth, Third - Ryan Yearout.

Pin Design: First - Amythest Jordan, Carter CTC.

Poster: First - Jaclyn Garvin, Carter CTC.

Promotional Bulletin Board: First - Harley Fannin, Carter CTC.

Opening amp; Closing Ceremonies: First Carter CTC Team of Tanner Tackett, Jacob Waddell, John Johnson, Savannah Lewis, Johnny Pennington, Billy Webb and Shannon Coleman.

SkillsUSA Quiz Bowl: First - Russell ATC team of Joel Mullen, Alex Riffe, Shane Day, Tony Huddleston and Madison Bramblette; Second - Carter CTC team of Cody Schroeder, Austin Valentine and Brandon Messer; Third - Carter CTC team of Shannon Lykins, Phillip Stone, Courtlyn Garvin, Devin Johnston and Vivian Littleton.

Related Technical Math: First - Cody Hamm, Carter CTC; Second - Jerod Holsinger, Russell ATC; Third - Bryson Bennett, Russell ATC.

Spelling: First - Miranda Melvin, Russell ATC.

Talent amp; Variety, both from Carter CTC: First - Emanuel Picazo; Second - Caleb May.

Welding Sculpture, all from Greenup ACT: First - Brandon Carr, Second - Sean Rayburn, Third Rebecca Adams.

Wood Sculpture, both from Carter CTC: First - Matthew Colegrove, Second - Josh Mullins.

Secondary Skills Contests

Auto Service Technology, all from Greenup ATC: First - Jared Liles, Second - Brandon Wilburn, Third - Harlan Taylor.

Architectural Drafting (CAD): First - Zach Wells, Boyd CTC; Second - Heath Baker, Boyd CTC; Third - Courtlyn Garvin, Carter CTC.

Architectural Drafting (Board), both from Carter CTC: First - Amythest Jordan, Second - Jessica Davis.

Technical Drafting (CAD): First - Shane Day, Russell ATC; Second - Tanner Tackett, Carter Co. CTC; Third - Landon Gould, Boyd CTC.

Technical Drafting (Board): First - Kayla Bryant, Carter CTC; Second - Justin Reeder, Boyd CTC; Third - Triston Steward, Boyd CTC.

Computer Maintenance Technology: First - Troy Hammond, Russell ATC; Second - Nicholas Ratliff, Carter CTC; Third - Joseph Helms, Russell ATC.

Construction Carpentry, all from Lawrence County: First - Ryan Wilks, Second - Cody Diamond, Third - Jacob Peterman .

Intro to Construction Carpentry I: First - Robert Wingart, Carter CTC; Second - Joe Swafford; Lawrence HS; Third - Jordan Peck, Lawrence HS.

Electrical Construction Wiring: First - Cullen Martin, Greenup ATC; Second - T. J. Slaughter, Greenup ATC; Third - Jordan Finfrock, Russell ATC.

Internetworking: First - Emanuel Picazo, Carter CTC; Second - Zach Lemaster, Russell ATC.

Mobile Robotics (MRT): First - John Johnson and Jacob Waddell, Carter CTC.

Telecommunication Cabling: First - Vivian Littleton, Carter CTC.

3-D Visualization and Animation (VA), both from Carter CTC: First - Shannon Lykins and Devin Johnston, Second - Phillip Stone and Dakota Tackett.

Web Design, both from Carter CTC: First - Cory Claxin and Latosha Butler; Second - Julia Duncan and Rachel Crum.

Welding: First - Bryant Jessy, Russell ATC; Second - Zach Waugh, Russell ATC; Third - Jordan Wilson, Elliott HS.

Welding I: First - Jonathan Chandler, Greenup CTC; Second - Hunter Blevins, Carter CTC; Third - Chad Kouns, Carter CTC.