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ACTC Hosted Ideas of America Association

The Ideas Association of America selected Ashland Community and Technical College as the site for its First Annual Conference.

I am pleased that the Ideas Association selected us to host the Conference, said Dr. Gregory D. Adkins, ACTC President and CEO. The Association promotes the awareness and understanding of the fundamental ideas that have shaped our modern civilizations.

At the Conference on Wednesday, July 27, Dr. Daniel B. Crowder, Association founder, discussed the origin, purpose, and development of the Association, and his hopes and goals for its future. He is the author of Ideas that Built America, Ideas that Shaped the Western World, and An Improbable Journey as well as textbooks and numerous articles and reviews.

Dr. Crowder was previously President of West Virginia Northern Community College and Executive Director of the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities. He holds a Ph.D. in Social and Intellectual History.

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