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ACTC Honors Night Recognizes Student Achievement

The Ashland Community and Technical College Honors Night program May 10 recognized 95 students for their achievements in the 2011-2012 academic year. Some students received more than one award.

The 2012 All USA Community College Academic Team award went to Ashley B. Sartin of Louisa. Recipients of the 2012 KCTCS All-Academic Team Awards were Tony A. Arthur of Ashland and Chanie M. Kirk of Flatwoods.

The 2011-2012 Student Government Association Awards went to President Ashley D. Barada and Treasurer John N. Cannon, both from Ashland.

The 2012 Commencement Student Speaker recognition went to Ronald G. Parker of Ashland.

Other awards are listed below with the recipients names and cities of residence.

Academic Award: Phoebe C. Holbrook, Catlettsburg.

American Chemical Society Student Recognition: Tony A. Arthur, Ashland; Shauna Biggs, Ashland; William S. Bordelon, Ironton, OH ; Rickey L. Davidson, Catlettsburg; Ethan R. Gullett, Flatwoods; Shawn A. Hicks, Chesapeake, OH; Granville R. Litteral, Flatwoods; Jeremy R. Williams, Wurtland.

Applied Mathematics: Veronica R. Hale, Flatwoods.

Applied Physics: Rickey L. Davidson, Catlettsburg.

Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology: Mary J. Adkins, Sandy Hook; Regina L. Crum, Greenup; Lisa A. Cumpton, Ashland; Joyce D. Terry, Kenova, WV.

Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology Supplemental Instruction: Justin Angel, Argillite, Joanna C. Breeding, Ashland.

Excellence in Medical Microbiology: Debora L. Pauley, Louisa; Kathy R. Pike, Huntington.

Excellent Office Assistant: Anthony D. Flannery, Grayson.

General Chemistry Outstanding Performance: Chelsea D. Hale, South Shore; Desirae A. Hamlin, Ashland; Treena J. Hogan, Louisa.

Introduction to Biology: A llen R. Bellew, Grayson; Kyle G. Bias, Ashland; Amanda R. Clark, Flatwoods; David S. Conley, Ashland; Destiny M. Cordle, Catlettsburg; Jenna E. Lee, Ashland; Eric D Potter, Ashland; Sarah A. Prince, Louisa.

Leadership: Rudy Crockett, Fort Gay, WV.

Library Service: Greg G. Hannah, Ashland.

MAT065 Award: Frank A Donnelly, Ashland; Carrie S. Flynn, Louisa; Kaeli B. Hollingsworth, Prichard, WV; Mike A. Michael, Huntington, WV.

MATH 65 Pre-Algebra: Melanie S. Markins, Pedro, OH.

Member of Chi Alpha Epsilon Honor Society - Zeta Iota Chapter: Ashley D. Barada, Ashland; Leighanna M. Caudill-Lane, Raceland; Kimberly D. Church, Flatwoods; Teri R. Cornwell, Catlettsburg; Lisa A. Cumpton, Ashland; Angela D. Green, Ashland; Chanie M. Kirk, Flatwoods; Sarah K. Klein, Ashland; Brian P. Nolan, Worthington; James D. Slone, Flatwoods; Tonya L. Smith, Flatwoods; Jodi D. Winkler, Greenup.

Organic Chemistry Outstanding Performance: Candice M. Lewis, Kitts Hill, OH, Kevin D. MacDonald, Ironton, OH.

Outstanding Leadership as a Peer Mentor: Amanda R. Clark, Flatwoods; Deanna K. Isaac, Olive Hill; Terra E. McCarty, Huntington, WV; Samantha J. Smith, Argillite; Blake T. Walter, Ashland.

Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice: Karen J. Fraley, Webbville; Lacretia M. Hardin, Catlettsburg; Angela K. Rigsby, Raceland.

Phi Theta Kappa Hallmark Awards: Fellowship - Vanessa L. King, Ashland; Leadership - Cheryl A. Cook, Catlettsburg; Scholarship - Ashley B. Sartin, Louisa; Service - Tammy Montgomery, Flatwoods.

Statistics 210: Courtney D. Hammond, Ashland.

Supplemental Grant Aid Award from Student Support Services: Michelle N. Bilich, Grayson; Leighanna M. Caudill-Lane, Raceland; Angela D. Green, Ashland; Jason E. Mullins, Ashland; Wister J. Nolan, Catlettsburg; Crystal A. Parsley, Ashland; Regina L. Pennington, Webbville; Tonya L. Smith, Flatwoods.

Supplemental Instruction Leader: Justin R. Angel, Argillite; Nicole M. Biggs, Portsmouth, OH; Olivia K. Black, Russell; Joanna C. Breeding, Ashland; Jeff D. Bryan, Ashland; Whitney I. Bush, Catlettsburg; Courtney L. Butcher, Louisa; Kandice N. Damron, Ashland; Amanda J. Edwards, Huntington, WV; Treena J. Hogan, Louisa; Vanessa M. King, Ashland; Chanie M. Kirk, Flatwoods; Terra E. McCarty, Huntington, WV; Oreatha J Murray, Ashland; Samantha J Smith, Argillite.

Technical Algebra amp; Trigonometry: Dennis E. Lewis, Sandy Hook.

Technical Mathematics: Darren M. Slone, Ashland.