GED Classes Offered in May June

People who want to get ready for the GED can brush up their skills in free classes at the Adult Learning Center at ACTC. The classes can help people for the GED test that is free to Kentucky residents until June 30.

Many people fear the GED, but the good news is that 98% of the people who complete their study plan at the Center end up passing the test,"said Joan Flanery, Adult Education Director.

Students start with an assessment of their skills and the Center prepares individual study plans to help build weaker skills. It takes study, but we've found that people willing to put in time and effort can learn more than they thought possible, said Joan Flanery, Adult Education Director.

Two five-week class sessions are offered this summer: May 2 thru June 2 and June 6 to July 7. Most classes are held two days a week, either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, and classes are one and a half hours long.

Five levels of math classes, two levels of language/grammar, and several levels of reading comprehension are offered, as well classes in study skills and other subjects. Students will also find open lab times and online opportunities for study.

For Peggy L. Ball, an Ironville resident, the importance of a GED became clear after she couldn't return to her job following a serious illness. She saw a GED flyer that said What have you been waiting for? and she enrolled the next day.

That was several months ago, and Ive already passed the first three GED tests, Ball said.

I was lucky not to need the GED before, and not having a high school diploma was something I was somewhat ashamed about, she said. In the past, if you were lucky you could find a good job based on your experience rather than a credential, but its not like that now. The first question they ask is about school.

I worked my whole life putting my daughter through school, and now its my turn, Ball concluded. I didn't care much for school before but now I love it, and Im going to go to college! I would recommend the Adult Education Center to anyone. I just wish I hadn't waited so long.

For Heather Brown, the GED is a chance to move ahead into college and prepare for a fulfilling career. I don't want a dead end job, said Brown, an Ashland resident who became frustrated with trying to finish high school when a move to a different state caused her to fall behind.

She has passed her GED pretests and has already applied to ACTC and completed the colleges COMPASS assessment testing. She plans to start at ACTC in fall and major in elementary education. I want to be the kind of teacher that kids remember years later as one of the best.

The GED is also a way for Zac Gibson to complete high school and move right into college. An Ashland resident currently living with his grandfather in Summit, Zac recently withdrew from high school without graduating.

"One of my teachers told me about the Adult Education Center, and some people in my church mentioned it," he said. "The people at the Center are very helpful, and preparing for the GED has not been as hard as I thought it might be."

"I've already passed my pretest and signup up for the GED, " Zac said. "As soon as I get the GED, I'm planning to go to ACTC and get two years of college before transferring to a university." He would like to become a teacher.

The Adult Learning Center at the ACTC Roberts Drive Campus is the designated Kentucky Adult Education Program site for Ashland and Boyd County. Services are free to area residents.

The free classes are offered because many people in the area do not have a high school diploma or GED. A GED or diploma is critical to finding and keeping jobs according to state and national statistics. As a rule, having a high school diploma or GED gives people more job choices, higher wages, fewer periods of unemployment and a more satisfying quality of life.

For more information or an appointment, call the Adult Learning Center at (606) 326-2457 or 326-2437. Information is also available on the Centers Facebook site at ACTC/adultlearningcenter.