Adult Education Offers College/GED Preparation Classes

People who want to improve their basic academic skills for college, the GED or a better job can start classes this fall at the Adult Education Center at Ashland Community and Technical College.

On October 16, the Center at ACTCs Roberts Drive Campus will begin a series of six week classes on basic reading, math and language enrichment / writing skills.

Classes include five different levels of math, four levels of reading comprehension, two levels of language enrichment/writing and online college readiness and job readiness classes.

In many classes, technology is integrated with the use of iPads and InFocus projectors with a Smart Board effect. Lab sessions and online preparations programs for the GED and college entrance tests are also offered.

Pearson is an online distance learning program which offers study in reading, math and writing in addition to instructor assistance.

WIN (or the World Wide Interactive Network) is an online instructional curriculum for the workforce. It addresses eight critical ACT WorkKeys skills areas: listening, observation, information, writing, applied mathematics and applied technology.

Another online program, CATS (Career Advising and Transitional Services) also meets as a scheduled lab to help individuals reach goals such as going to college, earning a GED or finding a job.

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate can be earned through the Centers ACT registered computer lab. Signed by the Governor, the certificate provides employers with proof of job skills. The certificate is composed of three WorkKeys assessments that measure skills critical to on --the-job success: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information.

Most classes meet on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half each day. Evening classes are available on Monday and Wednesday from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

For those who dont want to wait until October 16, the Center offers ongoing labs in which students can enroll any time and then later transfer into classes.

Before enrolling, students need to complete an assessment of their skills and goals. Center advisors will then help students determine which classes or programs will meet their needs. To make an orientation and assessment session appointment, call 606-326-2457 or 606-326-2437.

Many of our students have a narrow goal when they first start studying with us, such as better skills or getting ready for the GED, said Joan Flanery, Adult Education Director. Once we start working with them one-on one and they find out how much they can learn, they often expand that goal.

In 2011 for example, 30 of our 61 GED graduates enrolled at ACTC, Flanery said. When they started with us, some were not sure they would even attain the GED. Now some of them are graduating from ACTC and going on for higher degrees in professions they never would have imagined possible.

Those who already have a high school diploma or a GED can brush-up on basic academic skills before taking the COMPASS or ACT college entrance test. With study and practice, they may be able to achieve scores high enough to be placed in credit-bearing college classes rather than non-credit remedial college classes.

English as a Second Language (ESL) is also offered through the Center. Students can learn to become comfortable speaking English at work, school and community activities or they can prepare for the USCIS Citizenship test. Students may start at any time, learn at their own level and work at their own pace. ESL classes meet afternoons at the Paramount Arts Center and Monday and Wednesday evening from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Center.

All services at the Adult Education Center are free, with funding provided by the Kentucky Council on Post Secondary Education through Kentucky Adult Education to ACTC.

For more information about Adult Education, go to the ACTC website at under Workforce Solutions, Adult Basic Education or go to the Facebook site, ACTC/Adult Learning Center or call 606-326-2457 or 326-2437.