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ACTC Bi-Term Courses Start March 17

March 3 is the application deadline for spring bi-term classes at Ashland Community and Technical College. Bi-term classes are eight-weeks long, half the length of traditional semester classes. They have the same content as semester-long classes, but cover the content in a shorter time.

Bi-term classes offer a second chance for new students who want to start classes this spring, said Janie Kitchen, ACTC Dean of Academic Affairs. Students can get one or two classes out of the way now, without waiting for summer sessions or the fall semester.

Bi-term classes offer a way to finish a course quickly and take beginning and intermediate courses in the same semester.

I had been out of school for several years, and many of the topics in mathematics had collected some dust in my mind, said Bryan Dyer, a student from Catlettsburg.

I honestly felt I needed a refresher before I attemptedtechnical mathematics, Dyer said. A bi-term class was the opportunity to wipe out two birds with one stone, and I felt having class sessions everyday would be beneficial. I was very satisfied with my bi-term experience.

Students can take up to seven credit hours of classes in general education subjects appropriate for most new students. Some of the classes are offered online.

General Education courses include Intro to Computers, Intro to Humanities, General Psychology, Intro to Sociology and Aspects of Human Biology.

Math classes include Pre-Algebra, Basic Algebra, College Algebra and Technical Algebra amp; Trigonometry.

Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Modern Social Problems, Foundation of College Writing II, and a number of classes in Carpentry, Computer-Aided Drafting amp; Design, Electrical Technology and Computers amp; Information Technology are also offered.

I took a bi-term class last fall because it makes the rest of my class load a little easier for a while, said Amada Blanton, a student from West Liberty who took a bi-term English 102 course.

I take four classes altogether during the semester, she said. What I do is, I work a little faster on my three regular classes to get ahead. Then during the bi-term class, I dedicate most of my time to that class. That way I don't feel pressured by all the other class deadlines and the rapid pace of the bi-term class as well. I think the bi-term classes are wonderful.

The bi-term class information is online at:[BROKEN LINK]. Admissions forms and information are online at:[BROKEN LINK]

New students enrolling only in the bi-term session may be eligible for financial aid. To apply for financial aid, complete the 2013-14 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at For more information, call 855.246.2282.

Currently enrolled students are not eligible to receive additional financial aid for bi-term classes added to their schedules, and visiting students are not eligible to receive financial aid through ACTC. Also, the Tuition Payment Plan is not available for bi-term classes.

For more information on Admissions, call the Admissions Office 606.326.2000.