Successful “Lunch and Learn” event held to highlight ACTC and MSU Transfer Partnership | ACTC

Successful “Lunch and Learn” event held to highlight ACTC and MSU Transfer Partnership

Published on Feb 5, 2024

Ashland Community and Technical College welcomed Morehead State University President, Dr. Jay Morgan, to the College Drive Campus on January 31. 

“It was exciting to have Dr. Morgan and members of the MSU team on our campus,” said Dr. Larry Ferguson, President and CEO of ACTC. “MSU is a longstanding, exemplary partner of ACTC and an ardent supporter of students within our region.”

In efforts to highlight the ongoing transfer partnership between the two colleges, a “Lunch and Learn” event was held to give students the opportunity to learn more information about their options in continuing their education after completing their time at ACTC. 

“ACTC is our top transfer feeder school and we work seamlessly to empower ACTC graduates to complete their bachelor’s degrees.” said Morehead State University’s Director of Transfer Services, Jen Timmermann.

“Since 2016 the two schools have partnered for the Eagle Express Joint Admission program which allows ACTC students planning to transfer to MSU to opt in during their first semester at ACTC to have access to multiple benefits including: MSU advisor, free transcript exchange, and priority scholarship consideration. ACTC graduates are able to complete an MSU program in a variety of ways including online, main campus, and the MSU Ashland regional campus on College Drive.” Timmermann continued.

The partnership not only provides students with a seamless transition to continue their education, but it gives KCTCS faculty and staff the chance to do the same at a discounted cost. Full-time KCTCS employees are eligible for a 65% tuition discount rate to assist them in completing their education goals. 

“We are appreciative of our good working relationship with Ashland Community and Technical College faculty and students, as well as our regional campus location on their campus,” said MSU President, Dr. Morgan. “It was a pleasure to meet recently with faculty, staff, students, and prospective students in a collaborative way.”

Timmermann concluded by noting, “At MSU, we’re so thankful for our partnership with ACTC and looking forward to our future initiatives together!”