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ACTC Student Government Association swears in new President and Vice President

Published on Nov 14, 2023

New SGA President and Vice President

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Ashland Community and Technical College held a formal swearing in ceremony on Wednesday, October 25 to welcome two new members into office. 

Laynee Stanley was sworn in as SGA President, and Carly Ferguson was sworn in as SGA Vice President.

“We are excited to begin a new tradition with SGA here at ACTC,” said Steve Woodburn, ACTC Chief Student Affairs Officer. “Starting this year, we have decided to conduct a formal swearing in for the SGA officers.  This illustrates the importance of the positions and allows for special guests to come and share in the experience.  This year was especially significant as Carly and Laney are our first SGA members from the Holy Family Collegiate High School.”

The ceremony was held in the Wallthal room in the ACTC Library with friends, family, professors, and mentors in attendance. The importance and significance of student government at ACTC was recognized during the ceremony as a beacon of leadership, advocacy, and service. SGA at ACTC aims to foster an environment that promotes academic excellence, as well as community. 

The individuals that were sworn in have been entrusted with the responsibility of representing ACTC student aspirations and concerns. 

“The Student Government Association is empowering,” said SGA President, Laynee Stanley. “Not just for me, but for the students at ACTC. I want the student body to have a voice, and I am so grateful to be representing them.”

She added, “My main goal as President is to make ACTC enjoyable for all. I want the students here to enjoy furthering their education and to make their life at ACTC more enjoyable and comfortable for them by planning fun events and projects here on campus.”

Vice President Carly Ferguson noted in her speech that ever since she has been at ACTC, she has learned, grown, and matured, which has helped her want to be more involved in student affairs.

“We’ve been planning for a lot more to come with SGA. Goals have been set for our students. Keeping them engaged is our main priority, and achieving those goals is our main focus,” Ferguson commented.

“I’ve always loved ACTC and want what is best for the students. Laynee Stanley and I know what it’s like to be a student at ACTC, which helps equip us to be their voice. This position has opened my eyes to the higher education world and how it can impact everyone. Our decisions in SGA will always be in the student’s best interest,” She continued.

Kayla Acosta, ACTC Academic Advisor, noted the fresh ideas that Stanley and Ferguson bring to the table at ACTC. 

“They’re committed to building up our college community. I look forward to seeing what they accomplish this year,” Acosta said.

Vice President Ferguson concluded by saying, “Thank you to ACTC’s Faculty and Staff for believing in me and Laynee! We hope to make ACTC Proud.”

Students who are looking for ways to contribute to ACTC through the Student Government Association can request more information by email Kayla Acosta at