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ACTC instructor enhances course by writing textbook

July 26, 2022

ASHLAND, Ky. – Dale Queen, ACTC communications instructor, recently published a textbook that he will be utilizing in one of his communications courses this fall. 

The textbook, Interpersonal Communication: A guide for mutual understanding, will be available at campus bookstores for students enrolled in Queen’s Interpersonal Communication course. 

Queen says he wanted to write a book that would be beneficial to community college students. He says the book took about two years to write. 

The textbook covers all the basic topics normally covered in interpersonal communication, such as family communication, culture, conflict, listening, verbal and nonverbal. Queen says he has added other topics as well, such as communicating with people with learning disabilities and communication in the workplace. 

Also included in the book is a career chapter that includes job searching, networking, internships, job interviewing, follow-up and understanding company culture.

“Good communication skills are something that business and industry expect from graduates,” Queen said. “Nowadays, people are addicted to their phones, social media, and video games so much that they have lost the ability to communicate with friends, family members and work associates face-to-face. I wanted to write a book to help prepare college students for the work world and help them communicate better with their families.”

Those interested in taking Queen’s communications course can get more information by contacting Queen at or email ACTC advisors at