“I’m a Pathfinder”: Dr. Scott Hill | ACTC

“I’m a Pathfinder”: Dr. Scott Hill

April 7, 2022

ASHLAND, Ky. – Dr. Scott Hill has spent nearly thirty years at King’s Daughters. 

During that time, he has served in a variety of roles: Security Officer Director of Safety and Security, Chief Privacy Officer, Director for Pastoral Care, Continuing Medical Education Coordinator, and Risk Manager, just to name a few. 

Today, he serves as King’s Daughters Executive Director for Community Engagement, a role he says he enjoys because it gets him out into the community he loves and working with people and organizations he admires. 

As a part of that role, he serves on various committees, including Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, the Salvation Army, the Neighborhood, and the Friends of Greenbo Foundation, among others. 

After graduating from Greenup County High School in 1989, Hill found his path at Ashland Community and Technical College, then Ashland Community College. 

“Graduating from high school, I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted to go into law enforcement, but I didn’t exactly know what,” said Hill. “I was planning on being a Kentucky State Trooper or a United States Federal Marshall…those were probably two of my biggest career aspirations and that was kind of the direction I was leaning. I just knew that ACC was a great place to get started. I was aware they had a Criminal Justice program and I thought that would be perfect.” 

Hill was a member of the Student Government Association during his two years at ACC. 

“I enjoyed the camaraderie and made a lot of friends. I got to know the faculty very well and built a lot of neat relationships,” he said.  With a hint of humor in his voice, he added, “I probably wasn’t the most mature student ever coming out of high school. I had my mind pretty much on basketball.”

Hill graduated with his Associate of Science in Criminal Justice in 1991. 

He continued his education at Eastern Kentucky University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Police Administration and Security. 

Hill said every one of his credits from ACC transferred to EKU, which he called “a beautiful transition.” 

He later earned his master’s degree in Loss Prevention and Safety from EKU and went on to earn a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from Trevecca Nazarene University. 

He says the general education classes he took at ACC helped build the skills he would later use in the workforce. He specifically noted a public speaking class, which he uses in his current role.

Hill also currently serves as an adjunct instructor for the Criminal Justice program, a role he has proudly served in since August 2000. Additionally, he helped write the security and loss prevention track of the program.

“I found my path at ACC, so it has been a privilege to help my students find their paths and give them a little bit of the experience and education that I’ve been blessed with,” he said. “I love ACTC and I love giving back. To be able to continue to teach is an honor.”

Hill is teaching two online courses for the college this semester.

Hill said he would encourage anyone considering taking the next step in their educational journey to consider ACTC. 

“We’ve only got one shot at life. We need to chase our dreams, live life fully, and go for it,” he said. “ACTC is a great facility, with great classes and great teachers. I highly recommend it.”