Sixty-three students pass CIT certification exams | ACTC

Sixty-three students pass CIT certification exams

December 16, 2021

Professor Randolph Cullum, Computer and Information Technology (CIT) program coordinator, is pleased to announce that at the end of the Fall 2021 term, sixty-three CIT students passed industry certification exams.  The courses involved are: 
Introduction to Computers: Thirty-two students passed the TestOut Office Pro Certification exam 
Computer Hardware and Software:  Eighteen students passed the TestOut PC Pro Certification exam 
Microsoft Client Configuration: Five students passed the TestOut Client Pro certification exam 
Amazon Web Services Practitioner: Seven students passed the AWS Practitioner certification exam 
Amazon Web Services Architect: One student passed the AWS Architect Associate certification exam 

“Certification exams are essential for students seeking employment.  By passing these certification exams, our students will have competitive advantage in the job market,” said Cullum. “The pass rate also speaks to the quality education our students receive here at ACTC.” 
Computers, networks and related technology are used in homes, small businesses, hospitals and large corporations, all of which need qualified people to install and maintain their information systems. 

The CIT offers a variety of choices for people seeking entry-level jobs as well as currently employed people who wish to enhance their skills. 

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