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Workforce Solutions offering deckhand training

April 12, 2021




Workforce Solutions is offering a one-week deckhand training course.

According to Chris Boggs, Business and Industry Project Coordinator, deckhands operate and maintain equipment on the deck of a vessel and assist with docking and other operations. Together, the deckhands make up the deck crew and are responsible for maintaining the ship, other than the parts of the ship, such as the engine, that are the responsibility of the engineers.

The duties of deckhands will vary greatly depending on the size and function of the vessel, but some of their general duties include the following: stand watch and look for other boats and dangerous obstructions in the water, operate and maintain onboard equipment, maintain deck surfaces, and help load and unload cargo.

Boggs says jobs are plentiful and starting entry level wages are generally $14 to $16 per hour. He says wages have the potential to go above $20 per hour with experience.

Scholarships for the course are available on first come, first serve basis.

The training, beginning May 3, is $699 per person.

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