Office of Marketing & Community Relations

The Office of Marketing and Community Relations leads the college public relations, media and marketing efforts. The unit also provides publications, news releases, advertisements and other tools to assist in college public relations and student recruitment efforts. The office also fully participates in college and system wide strategic planning initiatives designed to achieve the vision and mission.

An Overview of Services

When you want your message to reach a specific population or when you want to promote a specific event or program, we can help. Please contact the marketing and community relations office about help in developing a marketing plan - what's your goal, who you want to reach, how you will communicate with them and what you want to say, what you want them to do, what your timeline is, etc.?


The Office of Marketing and Community Relations develops and maintains a wide array of publications (annual reports, profiles, view books, newsletters, student recruitment brochures, etc.) available for promotional activities, conferences, seminars, displays or other events.

Publications Development

Departmental publications are designed in a standard format to all look like they come from the same family of publications at ACTC. Information included in departmental brochures includes description of the basic program or service, listing of required courses, contact phone number, and photos. We can help you put copy together, but we will rely on you to provide the "meat" of the narrative in the brochure. We can shoot photos for you or you can check our files for high quality, appropriate images.

Please allow us approximately six weeks to develop a publication for your project or event.

The Marketing and Community Relations office is your best source for help in promoting your special project, grant, event and or presentation. Our staff offers a wide range of communication resources and has developed strong media contacts throughout the region.

Media Relations, Publicity and News Releases

To effectively communicate with the public, please remember these steps:

  • We can help you from the beginning of your project, whether it is designing the promotional materials or dealing with the media.

  • Figure out what the selling points are as well as the two or three key messages you want to convey about your program or event. Develop a list of concise, descriptive talking points that will grab the attention of the community.
  • Please give us advanced notice of an event so we can plan the publicity accordingly. The Office of Marketing and Community Relations will target the right people and organizations


If an appropriate photo is not available, we will work with you to create a photo that is appropriate. If you want to use a photograph to illustrate a printed brochure or promotional piece, we have an extensive collection of digital photos.


We always want to hear from our community, whether it is something we are doing well or something we can improve on. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback or suggestions about anything related to ACTC. Please drop us a note at: with the word "FEEDBACK" in the subject line.

For assistance or more information contact us:

Email: Group or individual email is the preferred communications method for all general Public Relations requests.

Director of Marketing:
Allison Goble

Office: (606) 326-2432
Cell: (606) 547-6133

Public Relations Specialist:

Michelle Goodman
Office: (606) 326-2103
Cell: (606) 465-6892

Administrative Assistant:
Jackie McAfee
(606) 326-2109