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We offer a variety of programs that incorporate hands-on experience to help prepare you for a future in a skilled trade. You will participate in real-life scenarios that will be applicable to your job, and you will learn from experts that are ready to help you succeed.

Female Welding Student

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  • Our diploma for becoming an Industrial Electrician
  • Our various certificates in Electrical Technology
  • Becoming a HVAC Mechanic
  • Our associate degrees in Welding Technology and Pipeline Welding

These programs provide our students with the tools to enter the workforce, and be competitive candidates for jobs that pay well and have a high demand. Our graduates have a job placement rate of over 80%, and by offering flexible class times, we allow you to work toward your degree without putting your life on hold. 

Real-World Experience at a Great Value

A major advantage to attending one of our campuses is that you receive a great education and you pay less than half of what you would pay at a 4-year institution. Roughly 65% of our students receive some form of financial aid, and we have an incredible faculty that can help with that too.

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