Facilities Maintenance and Safety | ACTC

Facilities Maintenance and Safety

Facilities will be sanitized regularly and frequently touched surfaces and areas (e.g., doorknobs, credit card machines, shared computers).

Each occupied space will have on hand cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Those supplies will be monitored and restocked as needed by Maintenance and Operations (M&O).

Each area will be responsible for cleaning individual spaces and shared equipment (e.g., copiers) after each use.

Employees will be expected to clean spaces between visitors/students. All lab instructors will be required to ensure students are disinfecting equipment after use and will be responsible for all lab areas between classes.

If ice machines, coffee pots, refrigerators, etc. are used, facilities staff must sanitize frequently touched surfaces and areas.  Signage should be placed on frequently used items reminding employees to sanitize them before and after each use with supplied wipes.