Practical Nursing Semester Plan | ACTC

Practical Nursing Semester Plan

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite Courses
Course Credit Hours
NAA 100 - Nursing Assistant Skills OR 75-hour nurse aide equivalent course AND proof of passing state registry exam ++ 0-3
BIO 137 - Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab) OR BIO 135 Basic Anatomy & Physiology (with lab) 4
ENG 101 Writing I 3
AHS 115 or CLA 131-Medical Terminology 3
Total Hours 10-13

Course Schedule

First Semester
Course Credit Hours
NPN 106 - Fundamentals of Nursing Care 6
NPN 107 - Nursing Pharmacology 5
NPN 125 - Mental Health 3
BIO 139 - Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab) (if applicable) 4
Total Hours 14-18
Second Semester
Course Credit Hours
NPN 203 - Med Surg Nursing I 6
NPN 201 - Child Bearing Family 3
NPN 204 - Med Surg Nursing II 6
Total Hours 15
Third Semester Practicum
Course Credit Hours
NPN 210 - Clinical Practicum 4
NPN 225 - Nursing Leadership and Management 2
Total Hours 6
Total Hours for Diploma 45-52


*Students seeking the General Occupational / Technical Studies (GOTS) (AAS Degree) must complete courses in addition to those listed above and should work with their advisor to register those courses. 

++ Complete NAA 100 OR submit proof of active, good standing on nurse aide registry. Proof of passing the state registry exam before starting nursing specific courses is required. Successful completion of an equivalent Nursing Fundamentals course also meets this requirement. 

Healthcare Provider CPR requirements must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in the first nursing course and must be kept current throughout the program.

Curriculum in the KCTCS system is constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure quality and relevance.  This check sheet should be used only as a guide for meeting the course requirements for each credential.  See your advisor to confirm course requirements.


Medicaid Nurse Aide

Course Credit Hours
MNA - Medicaid Nurse Aide 3
Total Hours 3

Kentucky Medication Aide

Course Credit Hours
KMA 100 - Kentucky Medication Aide 5
Total Hours 5