Transition to A.D.N Four Semester Plan | ACTC

Transition to A.D.N Four Semester Plan

Prerequisite Courses

Course Credit Hours
PSY 110 - General Psychology 3
AA or AS Quantitative Reasoning Course 3
BIO 137 - Anatomy & Physiology I (with lab) 4
BIO 139 - Anatomy & Physiology II (with lab) 4
Healthcare Provider CPR card 0-1
Total Hours 14-15

Summer Semester

Course Credit Hours
NSG 195 - LPN Transition to A.D.N. 4
NSG 212 - Behavioral Health Nursing 3
ENG 101 - Writing I 3
Total Hours 10
Fall Semester
Course Credit Hours
NSG 229 - Medical Surgical Nursing II 7
NSG 211 - Maternal Newborn Nursing 3
BIO 225 - Medical Microbiology 4
Total Hours 14

Spring Semester

Course Credit Hours
NSG 239 - Medical Surgical Nursing III 6
NSG 213 - Pediatric Nursing 3
Heritage / Humanities 3
Total Hours 12

Healthcare CPR requirements must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in the first nursing course and must be kept current throughout the program.

See your advisor to select the appropriate general education courses from the approved list for the AAS Degree requirements.

Curriculum in the KCTCS system is constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure quality and relevance. This check sheet should be used only as a guide for meeting the course requirements for each credential. See your advisor to confirm course requirements.

Revised Spring 2023