Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education | ACTC

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education

Associate in Applied Science Semester Plan

First Year Course Schedule

Fall Semester
Course Credit Hours
IEC 101-Orientation to Early Childhood Ed. 3
IEC 130-Early Childhood Development 3
Digital Literacy 0-3
ENG 101-Writing I 3
PSY 110-General Psychology 3
Total Hours 12-15
Spring Semester
Course Credit Hours
IEC 102-Foundations of Early Childhood Ed.  3
IEC 170-Observation and Assessment 3
IEC 180-Approaches to Early Childhood Education Curriculum 3
IEC 200-Child Guidance 3
ENG 102-Writing II  3
Natural Science 3-4
Total Hours 18-19

Second Year Course Schedule

Fall Semester
Course Credit Hours
IEC 216-Language & Literacy in IECE 3
IEC 246-Sciences and Mathematics for IECE 3
IEC 235-Introduction to Inclusive Education 3
IEC 221-Creative Expressions in IECE 3
Quantitative Reasoning 3
Total Hours 15
Spring Semester
Course Credit Hours
Pick two (2) of the following:
IEC 210 – Families & Communities in Early Childhood Education OR
IEC 230 – Business Administration of ECE Programs** OR
IEC 240 – Administration of Early Childhood Education OR
IEC 250 – School Age Child Care OR
IEC 260 – Infant and Toddler Education and Programming
**BAS 200 can be substituted for IEC 230
IEC 291-IECE Practicum/Cooperative Education 3
COM 181-Basic Public Speaking OR
COM 252-Interpersonal Communication
Heritage / Humanities 3
Total Hours 15


Students must earn a “C” or higher in each of the IEC courses in order to graduate.

Students may also earn diplomas and certificates within this program. Please ask your advisor about earning these credentials. 

Curriculum in the KCTCS system is routinely reviewed and updated to ensure quality and relevance. This check sheet should be used only as a guide for meeting the course requirements for each credential. See your advisor to confirm course requirements. 

Revised August. 2020