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College Drive Campus

Program Coordinator

Mourine Smith

Program Contact Info / 606-326-2487

Program Description

The Cosmetology Program offers a variety of choices for people seeking entry-level jobs as well as currently employed individuals who wish to enhance their skills.

Knowledge of the theories of hair, skin, and nail care is coupled with practice of the various techniques used in salons.

Clinical work experience is performed on the public and students in an actual beauty salon atmosphere. Graduates also serve a six-month apprenticeship before taking the state board exam.

Average Base Pay: $22,432* (low $17,000 – high $40,000)
*Based on research conducted by the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics (KCEWS) in 2016 for the state of Kentucky.

Degree: Associate in Applied Science – General Occupation / Technical Studies


  • Cosmetologist


  • Apprentice Cosmetology Instructor
  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail Technician 

Semester Plan

First Year Course Schedule

First Semester
Course Credit Hours
COS 108 - Cosmetology I – Theory  5
COS 109 - Cosmetology I – Application  7
Total Hours 12
Second Semester
Course Credit Hours
COS 118 - Cosmetology II – Theory  5
COS 119 - Cosmetology II – Application  7
Total Hours 15

Second Year Course Schedule

Third Semester
Course Credit Hours
COS 228 - Cosmetology III – Theory  5
COS 229 - Cosmetology III – Application  7
Total Hours 12
Fourth Semester
Course Credit Hours
COS 238 - Cosmetology IV – Theory  5
COS 239 - Cosmetology IV – Application  7
Total Hours 12
Total Hours for Diploma 54-57

Completion of Diploma

General Education Component
Course Credit Hours
Area 1: Written Communication, Oral Communication OR Heritage/Humanities 3
Area 2: Social/Behavioral Sciences OR Quantitative Reasoning 3
Documentation of Digital Literacy as defined by KCTCS is required prior to graduation 0-3


Curriculum in the KCTCS system is constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure quality and relevance. This check sheet should be used only as a guide for meeting the course requirements for each credential. See your advisor to confirm course requirements. 

Revised Summer 2018