Computerized Manufacturing & Machining | ACTC

Computerized Manufacturing & Machining

CNC Machinist

First Year Course Schedule

First Semester
Course Credit Hours
^CMM 114-Fundamentals of Machine Tools 6
^MAT 116-Technical Mathematics or Higher 3
^BRX 112-Blueprint Reading for Machinist 4
^CMM 118-Metrology/Control Charts 2
Total Hours 15
Second Semester
Course Credit Hours
^CMM 124-Applied Machining 6
^CMM 134-Manual Programming CAD/CAM/CNC 6
Computer/Digital Literacy Course3 3
Total Hours 15

Second Year Course Schedule

Third Semester
Course Credit Hours
^CMM 214-Industrial Machining 6
General Education2 3
^CMM 230-Conversational Programming (CNC
Total Hours CNC Machinist 15
Total Hours Machinist 9
Fourth Semester
Course Credit Hours
CMM 224 - Advanced Industrial Machining 6
Elective4 1
^CMM 240-Intro to 3D Printing (CNC Machinist) 6
Total Hours 13
Total Hours for Diploma 56-59
Total Hours for Diploma 41-47

Completion of Diploma or Additional Requirements for AAS/GOTS Degree

General Education Component

General Education Component
Course Credit Hours
^MAT 116-Technical Mathematics OR
Higher Quantitative Reasoning
Natural Sciences 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
Heritage/Humanities 3
ENG 101-Writing I 3
Subtotal Hours 15

Technical Component

Technical Component
Course Credit Hours
Technical Core 34-40
Total Credits for Degree 58-64


Please refer to course catalog for complete listing of required Technical Courses.

The student must have a plan of study on file in the academic affairs office.

A combination of general education and technical courses should not exceed 68 credits.

Credit earned through certificate and diploma program/completion will be applicable toward the Associate of Applied Science in General Occupational/Technical Studies degree when consistent with the objectives of the student’s individual plan of study.

^Indicates possible course substitutions

  • ^BRX 110 & 210 may be substituted for BRX 112
  • ^CMM 110 & 112 may be substituted for CMM 114
  • ^CMM 120 & 122 may be substituted for CMM 124
  • ^CMM 210 & 212 may be substituted form CMM 214
  • ^CMM 220 & 222 may be substituted for CMM 224
  • ^MAT 126 – Technical Algebra & Trigonometry or higher may be substituted for MAT 116
  • ^CMM 130 may be substituted for 134 (Machinist Only)
  • ^CMM 130 & 132 may be substituted for CMM 134 (CNC Machinist Only)
  • ^CMM 2301 & 2302 may be substituted for CMM 230 (CNC Machinist Only)
  • ^CMM 2401 & 2402 may be substituted for CMM 240 (CNC Machinist Only)

1Only those following the CNC Machinist plan will need this course. *Please note that this plan follows two diploma options
(CNC Machinist and Machinist) under the Computerized Manufacturing & Machining program. When a course is required for
one area but not the other it will be noted in ( ) indicating the required area.

2Both CNC Machinist & Machinist are required to have a general education course from the following area:
AREA 1: (written communication, oral communication, or heritage/humanities). Please see our advisor for a list of approved

3Computer/Digital Literacy must be demonstrated either by competency exam or by completing a computer/digital literacy

4Electives* CNC Machinist are required to take a minimum of 1 credit hour of general education or technical elective.
Machinist is required to take a Co-op or Practicum with a minimum requirement of 1 credit hour. Please check with your
advisor for an approved course.

Students must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in each technical Course.