Automotive Technology Semester Plan | ACTC

Automotive Technology Semester Plan

First Year Course Schedule

First Semester
Course Credit Hours
ADX 120-Basic Auto Electricity 3
ADX 121-Basic Auto Electricity Lab 2
ADX 150-Engine Repair 3
ADX 151-Engine Repair Lab 2
AUT 140-Basic Fuel & Ignition Systems 3
AUT 141-Basic Fuel & Ignition Systems Lab 2
Total Hours 15
Second Semester
Course Credit Hours
ADX 170-Climate Control 3
ADX 171-Climate Control Lab 1
AUT 180-Auto Transmissions/Transaxle 3
AUT 181 Auto Transmissions/Transaxle Lab 2
AUT 130-Manual Drive Train and Axles 3
AUT 131-Manual Drive Train and Axles Lab 2
General Education 3
Total Hours 17

Second Year Course Schedule

Third Semester
Course Credit Hours
ADX 260-Electrical Systems 3
ADX 261-Electrical Systems Lab 2
AUT 110-Brake Systems 3
AUT 111-Brake Systems Lab 2
AUT 160-Suspension and Steering 3
AUT 161-Suspension and Steering Lab 2
Total Hours 15
Fourth Semester
Course Credit Hours
AUT 240-Computer Control Systems &
AUT 241-Computer Control Systems &
Diagnosis Lab
AUT 142 Emission Systems 3
AUT 143 Emission Systems Lab 2
Computer/Digital Literacy2 3
General Education1 3
Any approved work experience 1
Total Hours 17
Total Hours for Diploma 61-64

Completion of Diploma or Additional Requirements for AAS/GOTS Degree

General Education Component

General Education Component
Course Credit Hours
Quantitative Reasoning 3
Natural Sciences 3
Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
Heritage/Humanities 3
Written Communication 3
Subtotal Hours 15

Technical Component

Technical Component
Course Credit Hours
Technical Core 33-36
Automotive Technical Track 21
Automotive Parts/Service Writer Track 13
Automotive Technical 69-72
Automotive Parts/Service Writer 61-64


Please refer to course catalog for complete listing of required Technical courses.

The student must have a plan of study on file in the academic affairs office.

A combination of general education and technical courses should not exceed 68 credits.

Credit earned through certificate and diploma completion will be applicable toward the Associate of Applied Science in General Occupation/Technical Studies degree when consistent with the objectives of the student’s individual plan of study.

*Note* Hours Exception (69-72 for the A. A.S. and 61-64 for the Diploma) approved by the KCTCS Board of Regents in March

16 credit hours of general education courses are needed to fulfill the requirements of a diploma. One course from each area:
Area 1 (written communication, oral communication, or humanities/heritage) Area 2 (social/behavioral sciences, natural
sciences or quantitative reasoning). *Please see your advisor for a list of approved courses.

2Computer/Digital Literacy course OR demonstrated competency must be met to fulfill requirements for Diploma. Please see
your advisor for approved courses and/or testing information

3COE 199 OR AUT 198 may be taken to fulfill this requirement OR any approved course by the program coordinator.

Curriculum within KCTCS is reviewed and updated to ensure quality and relevance. This curriculum plan should be used only as a
guide for meeting the course requirements for each credential. See the KCTCS catalog for specifics and consult your advisor.

Revised March, 2021