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Information Session

Surgical Technology Information Session

  • This is a required session that you must view when applying to the Surgical Technology program 
  • At the end of the program, you will need to print, complete, and submit the viewing verification form and the Surgical Technology program application forms found on the Surgical Technology website
  • These forms should be submitted to admission office on 1400 College Drive, Ashland KY campus for inclusion in your file
  • These forms are essential – without your forms your file will be incomplete and will not be considered for the program

Program Accreditation

  • The Surgical Technology program at Ashland Community & Technical College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)
  • Graduates receiving their degrees meet the requirements to take the national certification exam administered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA). All students must take this exam to graduate 

Program Description

  • Program completion requires 1 year of instruction after formal admission to the program 
  • 15 students are selected and 5 alternates in October. 15 students are admitted every January. Selections are made in October for the January start date 
  • The program is a mixture of didactic and clinical coursework
  • You must maintain a “C” average in ALL courses
  • Some semesters may require as many as 30-40 hours per week of student involvement 

Technical Standards

  • Surgical Technology involves the provision of direct care for individuals and is characterized by the application of verified knowledge in the skillful performance of surgical technology technical functions. Therefore, all applicants should possess:
    • Sufficient visual acuity, such as is needed in the surgical environment and for the observation necessary for patient assessment and care 
    • Sufficient auditory perception to receive verbal communication from patients and members of the health team and to assess health needs of people through the use of monitoring devices (e.g., cardiac monitors, biomedical equipment, fire alarms, etc.);
    • Sufficient gross and fine motor coordination to respond promptly and to implement the skills, including the manipulation of equipment, positioning and lifting patients required in meeting health needs related to surgical technology
    • Sufficient verbal and non-verbal communication skills (speech, reading, and writing), such as are needed in classroom and clinical settings to interact with patients and professional personnel; and 
    • Sufficient intellectual and emotional functions to plan and implement care for individuals

Program Curriculum

General Education courses required for a Diploma
Course Course Description Credits
*BIO 135
*BIO 137
Anatomy & Physiology I
4 credits
*BIO 139 Anatomy & Physiology II 4 credits
*BIO 225
*BIO 118
Medical Microbiology (You may substituted BIO 226 or 227)

Microbes and Society
4 credits

3 credits
*ENG 101 Writing 1 3 credits
*CLA 131
*AHS 115
Med Term from Greek & Latin (you may substituted MIT 103)
Medical Terminology
3 credits

3 credits
WPP Work Place Principles 3 credits
DLC 100 Digital Literacy or IC3 fast- Track Exam 3 credits

*Denotes absolute pre-requisites, you can NOT start the program until these courses are complete.

General Education courses required for the GOT degree:
Course Course Description Credits
Digital Literacy Digital Literacy 3 credits
ENG 101 Writing I (Diploma and GOTS) 3 credits
MAT 110

MAT 150
Applied Math
College Algebra
3 credits

3 credits
  Social Behavior Science 3 credits
  Heritage/Humanities 3 credits

General Education Courses

  • All of the gen ed courses may be taken at ACTC
  • Courses may be transferred from other accredited institutions. Please contact the college registrar for clarification.
  • Some of the gen ed courses may be available online at KCTCS online (

Surgical Technology Program Courses

  • Spring
    • SUR100 Surgical Technology Fundamentals/Theory 12 credits
    • SUR101 Surgical Technology Fundamentals/Lab 1 credit
    • SUR125 Surgical Technology Skills Practicum I 2 credits
    • SUR130 Principles of Surgical Pharmacology 2 credits
  • FALL
    • SUR200 Surgical Technology Advanced Theory 9 credits
    • SUR201 Surgical Technology Skills Practicum II 6 credits SUR275
    • Surgical Technology Advanced Clinical Practicum 2 credits

**The curriculum outlined during this information session is current but can
change at any time, it is important that you meet with a program faculty
advisor every semester to ensure you are taking all required courses**

Clinical Education Component

  • Each semester includes a clinical education course
  • Clinical sites are located in many areas both in and out of Ashland, KY
    • Students cannot request a specific clinical site
    • All students should expect to have to drive to out of town clinical sites
    • All students will have evening clinical rotations at some point in the program

Clinical Sites

  • Cabell Huntington Medical Center, WV
  • Highlands Regional Medical Center, Prestonsburg KY
  • Our Lady of Bellefonte, Ashland KY
  • King Daughter Medical Center, Ashland KY
  • St. Clair Medical Center HHA, Morehead KY
  • St. Mary’s Medical Center, Huntington WV
  • Three Rivers Medical Center, Louisa KY
  • Southern Ohio Medical Center Portsmouth, Ohio
  • **This list is subject to change without notice

Admission Requirements

  • In order to be considered for admission into the Surgical Technology program at ACTC, the following items must be in your file in the Admission office on 1400 College, Drive Ashland KY campus, by October 1st of the year you wish to be considered:
    • High school transcripts
    • Official transcripts from all post-secondary education
    • Current address
    • ACT Exam
    • Ashland Community & Technical College application
    • Viewing Verification Form
    • Surgical Technology Application-A new application must be submitted every year you wish to be considered

Admissions Requirements Important facts to remember

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required items are in their ST admissions folder in the admission office on 1200 College Drive Ashland, KY 41101 prior to the October 1 deadline
  • Post-secondary transcripts from all colleges.
  • It is strongly suggested that an applicant visit the admission office on college drive prior to the October 1st deadline and have the administrative assistant review their file for any missing information. Ex. High Transcript, ACT and ACTC application.
  • Preference may be given to students with ACT 20> Compass exam is no longer given for the Surgical Technology Program. Exam taken prior to 2017 will remain good until 2018. Compass Reading 85, English/ Writing75> and Algebra 37>. Compass scores are good until 2018 if you have already
  • Once the October 1st deadline occurs, an applicant CANNOT add any additional information to their file-if your file is incomplete, you will not be considered for admission that year.
  • Again, it is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm that their file is complete every year they wish to be considered. 

Selective Admissions

  • After the October 1st deadline, all applicant information is reviewed by the selection committee
  • Selection is based on the following preference criteria
    • Completion of
      • ENG 101
      • BIO137 & BIO139 OR BIO135
      • BIO227 OR BIO226 OR BIO225 OR BIO118
      • ENG101
      • CLA131 OR MIT103
      • Digital Literacy or IC3 Fast – Track Exam or CIT 105
  • Cumulative GPA of all general education courses that are applicable to the Surgical Technology program. GPA must be 2.0 or higher with preference given to those above 2.5

Program Expenses

  • Tuition
  • Textbooks
  • Physical
  • Drug screen
  • Immunizations
  • Background check
  • Uniforms
  • Liability insurance
  • Certification exam
  • Transportation
  • Graduation

**This list is not inclusive-simply a guideline

  • There will be required background checks and drug testing for all students selected in the Surgical Technology program. This process is designed to meet the requirements for student’s assignment to clinical practice and affiliating healthcare agencies.
  • This cost is $86.20 and must be paid by the student. After you are selected into the program you will be given the place, time and date to be tested. This is set up by your program director. You can use no other screening.  

In conclusion

  • For program questions, please contact-
  • Roxanne Neal, CAP,OM,TA – Department Assistant I – Health Sciences Division – *OR* 606-326-2086 
  • Due to limited office hours e-mailing is a quicker response. When calling, please leave a message.
  • For transfer information, please contact the registrar’s office at ACTC
  • For financial aid questions, please contact a financial aid officer at ACTC 
  • Consult with a Surgical Technology advisor every semester to register for classes-appointments  are scheduled through Starfish on the web

Don’t forget to process the online information session (viewing ) verification form found on the surgical technology web site.