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Electrical Technology

Amp up your career with specialized training in electrical theory and hands-on practice to become an industrial or construction electrician.

Program Contact
James Bond
Electrical Technology Associate Professor


The Electrical Technology Program focuses on preparing students for employment as an entry-level electrician in industry and the building trades. The study of electrical theory in the classroom and practical application of that theory in labs provide the foundation of this program. The program is versatile in offering three different specializations within the Associate of Applied Science degree. A variety of certificates and diplomas serve as pathways to the AAS degree specializations or as meeting specific training needs. Students enrolled in the Electrical Technology program are required to achieve a minimum grade of C in the technical core and in those courses selected as technical electives.

What are my career options?

Electricians may be employed in electrical maintenance, electrical construction, and residential or commercial construction.

Graduates of the Electrical Technology program are ready for entry level positions in industry and the building trades. Graduates may also transfer their credit to a four year institute to pursue a career as an electrical engineer.

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