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What is Computer Information Technology?

Today, computers, networks and related technology are used in homes, small businesses, hospitals and large corporations; all of which need qualified people to install and maintain their information systems.

The Computers and Information Technology Program offers a variety of choices for people seeking entry-level jobs as well as currently employed people who wish to enhance their skills.

average base pay $61,502
low: $38k med: $62k high: $100k

What are my career options?

Upon completion, the graduate will be qualified to take industry designed and recognized certification examinations. Employment opportunities include entry-level positions in installation and administration of local and wide area networks in medium to large businesses and organizations, and computer network administration positions in small businesses.

Computer and Information Technology Career Median Annual Salary*
Information Security Specialist $61,502
Computer Support Technician $42,236
Computer Tech Basic $42,236
A+ Prep $42,236
CISCO Networking Associate $53,912
CISCO Networking Enhanced $53,912
Computer Technician $53,912
Information Security Track $53,912
Internet Technologies Track $53,912
Network Administration Track $53,912

What are my degree, diploma, or certificate options?

AAS Degrees

Network Administration

The network administration track provides the concepts and skills needed to design, set-up, maintain and expand network and telecommunications systems. The curriculum provides specific training in Cisco, and/or Microsoft network systems. Employment opportunities include entry-level positions in installation and administration of local and wide area networks in medium to large businesses and organizations and computer network administration positions in small businesses.

Information Security

The information security track will provide a solid background in information security. This track will help prepare students for entry-level positions of network security, auditing and penetration testing, firewall configuration and computer crime investigation.

Internet Technologies

The Internet technologies track prepares students to design, program and maintain Internet-based services. With specializations in web programming and web server administration, two sub-plans: web programming and web administration.

Business Software and Support

The business software and support track emphasizes several aspects of application software. Three sub-plans: business software specialist, computer applications support and software support.

Network Technologies

The network technologies track provides the concepts and skills needed to set up, maintain and expand networked computer systems.

Most of these degree tracks can be earned in 60 credit hours.

Note: Current CIT Students, prior to spring 2018, may still be on earlier degree check sheets – Please see your CIT Advisor to be sure.

KCTCS CIT Certificates - can be earned separately and many are embedded in the degree. 
(Please see catalog to see which certifications are included with each degree track.)


Additional Information

A+ Prep: 4 Total credit hours
Computer Tech Basic: 11 Total credit hours
Computer Support Technician: 14 Total credit hours
CISCO Networking Associate: 16 Total credit hours
Information Security Specialist: 19 Total credit hours
CISCO Networking Enhanced: 24 - 25 Total credit hours
Information Security Track: 60 Total credit hours
Internet Technologies Track: 60 Total credit hours
Network Administration Track: 60 - 63 Total credit hours

Note that ACTC is also a Pearson-Vue/Comp-TIA certified IT testing center.  We are qualified to give Industry Information Technology Certifications.


At Ashland Community and Technical College, our Computers and Information Technology AAS Degree qualifies for a fully transferable 2+2 agreement with Western Kentucky University (WKU). This program leads from an Associate Degree to a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Technology (CIT). Students planning to transfer under a 2+2 program must register for that program and follow its curriculum. In addition, the WKU Degree program is offered entirely online, allowing the student to work or stay in the tri-state area and earn a bachelor's degree.

Semester Plans and Checklists

Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

CIT is an excellent career choice for women. 

CIT Internship Program

We offer an Internship program where you can acquire “hand’s on” skills on the job!  It is an excellent opportunity.  Please ask your CIT advisor about it!

Program Brochure

Length of Program

Completion of the program should take two years, assuming that you maintain full-time enrollment status.

This information should not be considered a substitute for the KCTCS Catalog. You should always choose classes in cooperation with your faculty advisor to ensure that you meet all degree requirements.

Program Contact

Randolph Cullum
Computer and Information Technology
Program Coordinator