Associate Degree Nursing Eligibility Check List | ACTC

Associate Degree Nursing Eligibility Check List

Note: Eligibility will be completed by Admissions. This is for reference. 

The applicant must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the Associate Degree Nursing program.

If the student DOES meet ALL criteria, complete the Selective Admission Score Sheet.

  1. Has completed application to ACTC.
    1. If the student is enrolled in the current semester, he/she does not need to re-apply, unless a visiting student.
    2. If the student is a visiting student this semester OR not enrolled, he/she needs to apply for the spring semester.
  2. Has completed an application to ADN Program
  3. Official high school transcripts or GED
  4. Official transcripts for all postsecondary work completed at other institutions
  5. Applicable official placement test scores: ACT, SAT, KYOTE, TABES
  6. Official NLN scores if applicable
  7. Pre-admission nursing advising conference verification (submitted
  8. Nurse Aide State Registry