Username & Password | ACTC

Username & Password


Step 1

Go to the User Account Center

Screenshot of  link to the User Account Center located on the Current Students page.

Step 2 

Click setup your user profile.

Screenshot of the "Setup your User Prrofile" link that is located on the User Account Center main page

Step 3 

Enter your birth month, birth day and KCTCS ID number, then click next.

If you do not know your KCTCS ID number, either

  1. Please call 1(855)246-2282. Then press option 5 for help with your account. Then press # to obtain your ID number, 
  2. Chat with a specialist online at, or
  3. Visit the Welcome Center with Photo I.D.

 User Account Center asks for your birth date and KCTCS ID

Step 4

A security code will be sent to your email address or phone number on file. Please enter that code.

User Account Center asking you if you want a security code texted or emailed to you

Step 5

Answer your security questions.

The User Account Center asking for security questions

Step 6

Write down your username.

Username displayed in the User Account Center

Step 7

Change or set your password.

User Account center password change screen


  • Must be AT LEAST 12 characters
  • Can’t contain your name or username

*Once you have set your password, you will have access to your records. However, you will not have access to student email until 24-hours after you have registered for classes.

Important Reminder

  • DO NOT write down your password – MEMORIZE IT!
  • DO NOT give your username and password to ANYONE!
  • Your username and password will be the same for logging into computers on campus, Student Self-Service, email and Blackboard.