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Inclement Weather


College policy is to remain open and conduct classes according to the regular class schedule except under extreme weather conditions. In the event of extreme weather, the college may be delayed or closed.  Every effort will be made to notify students, employees, and the public as quickly as possible regarding the operating status of the college.  A decision to delay can be revised to close depending weather conditions.  The decision to delay or close will be the same for all three campus locations.

ACTC students enrolled in courses offered at the Ashland Fire Department Central Station or at Boyd County EMS Station 1 will follow the delay or closing decision of the college. Students enrolled at an off-campus high school site will follow the delayed or closing decision of the respective high school district.  


Closed:  All classes are cancelled and offices closed. 

Delayed:  The college will open at 10:00 AM.  Classes with a start time at 10:00 AM or later will meet as regularly scheduled.  For classes with a start time prior to 10:00 AM, individual instructors will notify students of the expectation for class attendance on days the college implements a delayed opening. 

ACTC recognizes that road conditions can vary greatly within our service area. Students are to exercise personal judgement as to whether he or she believes it is safe to travel. Students who decide not to travel for class should notify their class instructors by means identified in the class syllabus.



The most accurate closing and delay information is available from the following sources:

  • ACTC Website:
  • Your KCTCS e-mail account
  • The colleges main phone line: 606.326.2000
  • Your cell phone (text message). Go to to sign up!
  • Sign up for SNAP alerts (weather and emergency information).
  • ACTC's Facebook and Twitter pages ( and ACTC on twitter)

News media are given the information and you may see closing information in the local media. If you are unsure of the status, is best to double-check one of the college's official sources, as listed above.