Rules Governing the ACTC/FIVCO SEF | ACTC

Rules Governing the ACTC/FIVCO SEF


  • A contestant may enter ONE project, either as an individual or team.
  • Teams may consist of no more than TWO individuals within the grade category.


  • Before the start of your science fair project, please utilize “Rules Wizard” to make sure all required forms are filled out. Students and Teachers are responsible in making sure they complete ALL forms prior to the start of the project.
  • Individual entries must complete ALL of the following forms: ‘1. Sponsor Checklist”, “1A. Student Checklist & Research Plan”, “1B. Approval Form”, and Abstract. TEAM entries will submit forms 1 & 1A collectively but must submit individual 1B forms.
  • Any entry involving vertebrate animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, or tissues must be accompanied by additional, appropriate approval forms. If your project needs approval, please save and email those forms to Mia Brown at for review. Please utilize Rules Wizard to determine what forms are needed.
  • It is recommended that ALL forms be completed and printed from your computer. Forms are linked below.

Each of these forms must be present at time of exhibit judging.

Each of these forms need to be completed and present with each Science Fair project (team projects will submit Forms 1 and 1A collectively and Form 1B individually).

Check the Adult Sponsor checklist above to see if these forms are needed for your project.


  • Reports, record books, and all approval paperwork must be available for examination by the judges.
  • Only participants and judges may be present during judging.
  • Entrants must be present at specific judging time.
  • School affiliations nor names of participants must not be visible until judging is complete.
  • No exhibitor will be permitted to change categories, age groups, or exhibits once the official entry form has been submitted.
  • First, second, and third, etc., awards will not necessarily be given in each category. Awards will be given according to minimum standards determined by judges. The decision of the judges is final.
  • Neither the fair committee, nor cooperating groups, nor sponsors assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibit or part thereof.