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Project Display

In lieu of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 ACTC/FIVCO SEF will be conducted in all-new virtual format.

All projects will be submitted electronically through the STEMWizard platform.

The first thing students and teachers need to do is go to STEMWizard and register as a participant


Participants will be required to submit the following items within STEMWizard: 

  • Project Information
  • Research Plan
  • Files and Forms
  • Abstract
  • Project Presentation


Participants have the option to submit the following additional items within STEMWizard:

  • Project Video
  • Additional Project Information

More information about these items can be found within STEMWizard and on the ACTC/FIVCO Rules webpage.

If you have any questions concerning STEMWizard or project information, please email Kayla Meadows at