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You’ve Got Mail: A letter to the students

by Warren Howard - February 4, 2022

Dear ACTC students,

Congratulations!! We are a month into classes and you are still here. The hardest part is starting classes, but you did it. By week four you should be settling in. I hope you have a planner or some way to stay organized. If you are taking online classes, I highly recommend you start earlier than the day the assignment is due. Online classes aren’t Sunday school. I hope that you are checking your emails and have signed up for alerts. The weather has been kind of weird, but better days are ahead. If you are having problems in any of your classes, email your instructor and convey your issues. If you don’t, we won’t know, and it’s probably something we can help you with. No sense in unnecessarily worrying. I hope you are staying healthy. Drink that water and try to eat healthy. Oh, I know the vending machines call my name every day. I try to keep walking or take an alternate route. Wash your hands and keep that mask up. We are getting through this! I just want to tell you how proud I am of your effort. Sometimes we forget how hard college can be. Your effort is not going unnoticed and we appreciate it. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. Remember there are other people watching you as well and they are proud of you. You are a great role model for your kids and friends.

Well I’ll let you go. Just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work!!  

Stay safe and take care,

Professor Howard (but really all the people that work here at ACTC)


020422-warren-howardWarren Howard is a Professor of Education, as well as FYE instructor at ACTC. He has been employed at the college for 21 years. He loves teaching and learning from his students and everyone he comes in contact with. He says he is an avid reader and always has been and that reading Catcher in the Rye moved him to become a child advocate. He believes in equality and justice for ALL and believes it is his duty to help others who are marginalized or oppressed.