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Alumni Spotlight

Haleigh Peck in 2020-2021 graduation gown smilling and holding her diploma

Haleigh Peck

Following her high school graduation, Haleigh Peck enrolled at ACTC to begin her post-secondary education. She was the recipient of the Susan Wilson Memorial Scholarship which allowed her to complete her general education classes at no cost. She was accepted into the highly competitive Imaging Science Program at Morehead State University, and she earned her Associates Degree in Radiologic Technology and bachelor’s degree in Sonography. Currently she is employed at Three Rivers Medical Center in Louisa as an X-ray Technologist and Sonographer.

"I enjoyed my time at ACTC, and I appreciate all of my professors. I went into Morehead's Imaging Science program as well prepared as any of my classmates. I am also so appreciative of Neil Wilson, who endows the Susan Wilson Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship allowed me to leave ACTC with no student loan debt."