Family Literacy

The Adult Education Family Literacy staff partners with various schools and agencies to provide a comprehensive Family Literacy Program. Family literacy programs recognize that home is where the cycle of learning begins, where parents' attitudes about learning become the educational values of their children. The program builds on families' strengths to increase skills that lead to economic stability and school success.

Four components are integrated:

  • Adult Education
  • Children's education
  • Interactive parent-child activities
  • Parenting

Parents increase their basic skills, develop/increase computer skills, work toward a GED, prepare for a job or entering post-secondary education. Appropriate instruction for the children is complemented with a time for parents and children to learn together. Parenting education provides opportunities for learning, child development and applying it with parent support.

Classes for parents are held at the Adult Education Center at 4818 Roberts Drive. Please call for registration at 326-2445 or 326-2457.