Office of Technology Solutions

Requests for Services

In order to ensure the most efficient handling of your Technology Solutions requests and problems, please use the following contact information:

To Request Changes, Additions or Updates to the Website

  1. Send requests via email to (AS_WEBMASTER).

Other IT Requests or Problems

  1. If you are able to send e-mail, send a brief description of the problem to (AS_IT).
  2. If you cannot send e-mail you can use the form below

Requests that Require Immediate Attention

  1. If your request requires immediate attention, please call extension 62020 (Technology Solutions Staff).

Requests submitted in this manner are tracked to ensure prompt resolution. If you think a previously submitted request has not been adequately addressed, please let us know.

Please DO NOT submit your request directly to an individual. Problems reported in this way are not tracked, and may not be addressed as quickly as those submitted as described above. An individual may be on vacation, off sick, assigned to another campus, or working on another problem or project.

Request Form

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