Message from the President | ACTC

Message from the President

To Whom It May Concern:

As chief-executive-officer of Ashland Community & Technical College (ACTC), it is extremely important to me that ACTC has a firm and actionable commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We place a critical lens on all policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that all students engage with higher education on an equal playing field. We also aggressively seek diverse candidates for employment opportunities at the college. These personal and organizational commitments are not rhetoric. They are part of the fabric of who we are as an institution. We know that change is not easy nor comes overnight, but we strive for continuous improvement in this arena and others for the betterment of all stakeholders, but especially those who have historically been marginalized and oppressed. Further, we strive to become allies to organizations seeking to improve educational and workforce opportunities, as well as other public services to ensure a better Commonwealth and nation.

At ACTC, we take these initiatives seriously and place paramount importance on their success. We track our attainment toward these objectives as part of our strategic plans for the future. Together our college can affect the lives of many in a positive way.

Larry A. Ferguson, Ph. D. 
President & CEO