Message from the Chief Student Affairs Officer | ACTC

Message from the Chief Student Affairs Officer

To Whom It May Concern:

As Chief Student Affairs officer, it is my desire to have as diverse of a student body as possible. To do this, ACTC will continue to emphasize recruiting under-represented minorities (URM’s) and providing more opportunities for current URM’s. In addition, the college will strive to do its best to narrow the achievement gap between URM students and non-URM students. This is a firm commitment that we will have to the community and to our students. This commitment is addressed through our Diversity Plan. The plan revolves around strategies which are designed to improve enrollment, retention, and completion.

A more diverse student body will come with many benefits:

  • A greater and different knowledge base in which students can learn from others. Sharing of personal experiences clearly enriches the educational experience for students.
  • A more diversified campus challenges stereotyped preconceptions.
  • It promotes personal growth and a more well-adjusted society.
  • Diversity better prepares graduates for the work force.

The reality is the total benefits are basically unlimited. It is our mission to help all of our students be more successful. A focus on diversity will be one step to meeting this challenge.


Steve Woodburn
Chief Student Affairs Officer