Message from the Academic Dean | ACTC

Message from the Academic Dean

To Whom It May Concern:

As the Chief Academic Officer of Ashland Community & Technical College in consultation with our faculty, I write this letter outlining our position and statement of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

At ACTC our faculty believe that all people deserve the opportunity to obtain an education that will prepare them for both the workplace and for life as a citizen in a 21*' century democracy. In that vein, we believe that the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion must be at the forefront of this education. Diversity is reflected daily at our college in our commitment to both recognize and celebrate the unique nature of all people. While realizing that the definition of diversity is an evolving concept, it includes, but IS not limited to demographics, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, faith, ability, age, veteran status, nationality, disability, and economic status. A diverse faculty, staff, and student body makes the college stronger. Specifically, this means that we will actively seek to recruit and hire a diverse body of faculty, and that we will do more in the area of diversifying the makeup of the student body through mentoring and recruiting. Finally, we will communicate with employers and through our program advisory boards we will make the value of diversity a priority in the culture of this institution.

Inclusion is reflected daily at our college in our commitment to provide a safe environment where all people are accepted and affirmed on every comer of our campuses. At ACTC, this is achieved through the active and ongoing engagement with our curriculum. We oppose activities and ideas that are contrary to our educational mission as well as to the dignity of our students, faculty, and staff who are working to engage respectfully across differences. Our goal is to make ACTC a community where a diversity of people, ideas, and lived experiences are welcome, valued, and contribute to collaborative and respectful dialogue. It is only through inclusion that the educational excellence we seek to achieve will be realized.

Equity is reflected daily at our college in our commitment to provide equal access for educational and institutional opportunities for all in our community. We actively work to address and eliminate acts of harassment, hate, and violence that negatively impact the ability of our students, faculty, and staff to engage in their work together. Finally, we must address equity issues and be proactive in addressing not only individual issues, but also our institution's equity and inequity issues as well. These include, but are not limited to bias, discrimination, and exclusion. This involves being willing to take a stand for those who have been marginalized and make new allies in the fight for equity. As we continue to make improvements and strive for excellence, only then will our community be transformed.

Samuel Todd Brand, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer
Ashland Community & Technical College