T. J. Blevins | ACTC

T. J. Blevins

The support of my teachers has been unlike anything educational experience I've ever had. My culinary professors have gone above and beyond helping me in my education. Also, my general education professors are helpful and treat me with understanding and respect. Everyone one here seems to want you to succeed and is willing to help. I love the culinary program. We get to do the cooking ourselves and not just read about it. There is something new every day. We have cooked themed meals such as German day, Chinese food days, Cajun, and Hawaiian meals. We have gone to food shows outside the class and have had guest speakers such as meat demonstrations and other chefs from successful restaurants. We have also had opportunities to host catered events.

ACTC gives you an academic education and real-life experience as well. If you work and study hard, you will be able to succeed above what you expected. My immediate goal is to get an associate's degree to become a chef. Further down the road, I'd like to become master chef and then be a personal chef or owner/worker in a catering business. In the distant future, I think I would like to teach culinary arts. The thing about going into a field that you love is that the dreams for your future keep expanding - and you start reaching for more than you would ever have thought possible.